The InBody: Changing the Body Comp Game

What if we told you we had a machine that was so advanced, it could calculate everything a traditional body composition test can and more? New to our offerings this fall is the addition of the InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer. This machine is more than a piece of equipment, it’s another tool for our personal trainers to help you along your fitness journey. Rather than list off a couple quick numbers for you, the results from this body composition test tell you more than any other method we’ve used before.
We decided to invest in the InBody because we wanted to improve the personal training experience for our members. When our personal trainers work with you, every workout, every plan, and every exercise is created with your own goals and experience in mind. While the results we get with the InBody are better for a variety of reasons, this system allows us to more efficiently create a baseline, track trends, and build a training program that is personalized to your individual composition. Everyone’s a little different, so why would we tell everyone to do the same thing?
This machine provides us with accurate numbers for lean body mass, body fat mass, and hydration levels. If that wasn’t cool enough we can also analyze the segmental lean and fat analyses of each individual limb. This can be great for identifying muscle symmetry issues or potential injuries. The test also provides a basal metabolic rate, which makes it easier to determine the optimal amount of calories for healthy weight gain, loss, and maintenance.

One common misconception about fitness training is that the numbers on the scale have to be decreasing for it to be effective. While weight loss and weight gain can be healthy parts of a fitness journey, weight change isn’t always indicative of progress. Even more, sometimes when the numbers on the scale are stagnant, the actual composition of your body fat and lean mass is changing. Understanding your body and the reasons you’re doing a certain training program can make all the difference in your physical and mental wellbeing. One personal training client said, “InBody helped me put numbers to my goals. I really appreciated the analysis of where I was, and it was satisfying to get back to it after some work and see the improvement quantified.”
Starting now, you’ll be able to access this amazing body composition analyzer in a couple different ways. You can purchase a one-time test for $20, or $10 if you’re currently working with one of our personal trainers. Each test will come with an in-depth breakdown and explanation of your results; you won’t be left to decipher your results on your own. Looking to track your progress over time? You can purchase a 5-pack analysis for only $85. Visit our website for more information and to sign up.
We’re most excited about members getting to use this test because we believe in education. When you get an InBody body composition test done, you’re going to walk away with not only a full page of information, but the understanding of how you can use it in your own personal training plan. Our PLAY HARD. GET FIT. LIVE WELL. mantra encompasses the idea that fitness isn’t just about lifting the heaviest weights or scoring the most points, it’s about a lifelong journey. This test helps you understand that journey and make you the best version of yourself you can be.