A Look at Summer 2023 Staff Intramural Sports

Parker Goss, Coordinator of Intramural Sports

Hello Active Badgers!

I’m Parker Goss, the Coordinator of Intramural Sports here at Rec Well. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be offering Staff Intramural Sports this summer. For those unfamiliar, in the summer, UW-Madison employees can participate in dedicated staff leagues/divisions across all our sport offerings. We have a lot coming up this summer, so I’ll break down some of the highlights.

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Kickball is the perfect way to bring everyone together and get started with Intramural Sports. Gather up ten players and enjoy our rendition of this schoolyard classic beginning June 19! The season will consist of a three-week regular season followed by playoffs, and registration ends June 15.

3v3 Soccer

If “the beautiful game” is more your speed, we will have staff divisions for our 3v3 Soccer league. No goalies here, taking the fast-paced nature of soccer up another notch. Like kickball, the regular season will last 3 weeks, and we will cap it off with playoffs. Make sure to get signed up by June 16!

Trivia at the Union

It may be the summer, but class is still in session. Get on down to the Memorial Union Great Hall on July 13 and show everyone those random facts you’ve been hanging onto aren’t so useless after all. Trivia may not be a “sport”, but a champ shirt is still on the line, so I would expect a bit of ~friendly~ competition.

Super Smash Bros League

The first of its kind! This summer, we’re happy to introduce our first staff Esports offering, the Super Smash Bros League. Weekly matches will take place at the Nicholas Recreation Center beginning June 19, but the Esports party is just getting started.

Did I mention that staff intramural sports are 100% free for the summer? Because they are. If you’re interested, click here and complete the form to get signed up! Teams can be made up of any UW-Madison staff, so feel free to extend those invites across campus! If you have any questions regarding summer intramural sports, please feel free to reach out to imsports@recwell.wisc.edu.