High ropes course workshops

"A very engaging way to work on teamwork and communication."

UW Student, Wisconsin Premedical Society

The high ropes course is constructed of cable, rope, and wood and suspended from 40’ telephone poles.  The high ropes course provides the extraordinary opportunity for participants to navigate challenges 40’ in the air.  All climbers will wear a helmet and harness and will be clipped into a safety rope which will be belayed by a trained ALPs staff member.

The high ropes course can be a challenging experience for participants and is a great opportunity for participants to face their fears and work through challenging situations with the support of their group.  Many of the elements do involve one person climbing at a time with only a few involving the entire group, but there are plenty of ways for the rest of the group to support a climber and be involved in the activity.  We follow the tenets of choose your challenge which encourages and supports participants in choosing how they will engage in the activities based on how much they want to challenge themselves that day.

The typical length of a high ropes course workshop is from 9:00 am-4:00 pm because we incorporate all the elements of our programming in this day, including teambuilding initiatives, some low ropes, and, of course, high ropes course elements.  We can do shorter high ropes course workshops that will eliminate some of the teambuilding initiatives and low ropes course elements, depending on the time you have to spend with us, and focus solely on the high elements.  The length of the workshop depends on your goals, the size of your group, and what you want to get out of the experience.  The longer you spend with us, the more your group will get out of the workshop!

We are more than happy to discuss with you what kind of high ropes course programming we can offer your group, so feel free to contact us at alps@studentlife.wisc.edu.

To request a workshop, complete our Workshop Request Form.

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Availability, group size, requesting a workshop

Our high ropes course is open April 1st-November 1st

Group size:  8 or more people

Requests must be received at least 3 weeks before the requested workshop date to have the best chance of scheduling a workshop.  Workshop requests received two weeks before the requested date have a good chance of being staffed.  Requests received less than a week before the date are unlikely to be staffed.  For larger groups, we appreciate as much time as possible to plan for your group and to make sure we have enough staff for your workshop.  Sending in your request a month in advance of your requested date (or more) would be appreciated.

To request a workshop, complete our Workshop Request Form.

What will your group get out of a high ropes course?

High ropes course workshops are excellent for focusing on the following goals:

  • Personal growth
  • Skill development in handling stressful situations
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Support
  • Community Building
  • Asking for what you need
  • Bonding
  • Leadership
  • Challenge
  • Taking risks and being vulnerable
  • Resilience
  • Self-efficacy
  • Confidence
  • Problem solving
  • Having fun

High ropes course elements

We have the following elements on our high ropes course: