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Welcome to the Adventure Learning Programs

Our Mission and Who We Are

The mission of the Adventure Learning Programs (ALPs) is to challenge people through adventure-based learning to discover themselves and understand those around them.

We are a leadership organization that operates under the philosophy of Experiential Education where learners are purposefully engaged in direct experience and focused reflection in order to learn new skills. We offer adventure-based team building workshops that incorporate initiatives, problem solving activities, and high and low ropes course experiences. We are located on the third floor of the Red Gym and are sponsored by the Center for Leadership and Involvement. Because we are funded by segregated fees, ALPS workshops are free to all UW Students!

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Our Values


We are committed to providing opportunities that promote continued personal and group development, learning, and discovery while respecting the fact that growth looks different for everyone.


We strive to create an environment within our organization and in our workshops that is characterized by mutual respect and support so learning can occur.


We strive to create opportunities for our staff and participants to strengthen their self-confidence and sense of agency in their daily lives.


We model authenticity within our workshops and our community because we believe that the genuineness of our engagement with one another fosters self-discovery and growth.


We value the unique perspectives and life experiences present both in our community and the communities we serve. We intentionally design our workshops to promote inclusive spaces where differences are celebrated.

Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

We understand that not everyone is entering this conversation with the same exposure to lived experiences regarding injustice and/or secondary educational opportunities focusing on racial equity, white privilege, and diversity and inclusion. For our staff who face injustices through lived experiences, we hear you, we support you, we stand with you. For those of you who have been using your voice, acknowledging privileges, combating biases, actively practicing anti-racism, and seeking out information, we encourage you to continue. We also want to recognize that there are various means of showing your support, and we encourage you to engage as you can and are comfortable with. We have been actively working with our Diversity and Inclusion (DAI) committee and other members of our staff to provide other valuable resources for continued growth. This conversation does not end here or now.

Here is what the ALPs Community is doing:

  • Developing anti-racism training for all facilitators and mandating it for leading workshops, either virtually, in person, or both. This will be done as soon as possible contingent on COVID-19 concerns and the feasibility of meeting in person and accessing resources.
  • Social Justice Book Club
    • Currently reading: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
  • Media engagement, such as viewing the film “Just Mercy” and educational TED talks with open discussion spaces for our staff on Canvas. This page will be continuously updated with more anti-racism resources, including books, movies, television shows, and podcasts, as our staff collaborates.
  • Continuing and emphasizing DAI training for Summer Staff immediately and for semester staff once fall semester begins.
  • Adding a clause to our job description to make applicants aware of our organization’s stance and continuing to ask pointed questions in interviews to ensure applicants are socially aware. Individual qualms with our DAI and anti-racism standards will not be accepted.

Diversity and Inclusion is one of our core values and we define it as:

We value the unique perspectives and life experiences present both in our community and the communities we serve. We intentionally design our workshops to promote inclusive spaces where differences are celebrated.

Through releasing this statement, we acknowledge that we are not perfect in our activism or allyship, however, we are committed to continuing to educate ourselves for the sake of our organization and our own personal growth.

Though community looks different today due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope our organization maintains a relationship among members that offers support, connection, and accountability. Like we said earlier, we will continue to emphasize this conversation does not end here.

ALPs love,

ALPs Leadership Council