Students enjoying a teambuilding activity as part of a ground teambuilding workshop.

Teambuilding workshops (ground workshops)

“ I felt challenged but comfortable enough to overcome each challenge.”

UW Student

Teambuilding workshops are very versatile and can be tailored to meet the unique goals of your group.  These workshops are unique in that they do not require special equipment like a high or low ropes course and 95% of the thousands of activities we have to offer will not involve getting off of the ground.  Teambuilding workshops can include but are not limited to the following activity types:

  • Get to Know Yous
  • Problem solving initiatives
  • Trust activities
  • Leadership Matrix
  • Icebreakers
  • Group games
  • Name games

The types of activities used in a teambuilding workshop are selected specifically to meet the goals of your group and the purpose of your time with us.  Workshops can vary in length from 30 minutes (for a quick get to know you workshop) to all day (with more in depth problem solving and leadership development activities) and anywhere in between.  You let us know what will work for your group to accomplish your goals.

We offer our teambuilding workshops YEAR ROUND because we can host them anywhere—inside, outside, in a big room, or a conference room.  We are more than happy to discuss with you what kind of teambuilding programming we can offer your group, so feel free to contact us at

To request a workshop, complete our Workshop Request Form.

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Group size and requesting a workshop

Minimum group size:  8 people

Maximum group size:  We can and have accommodated groups as large as 175 people in a teambuilding workshop.  We are more than happy to talk about how we can accommodate your larger group.

Requests must be received at least 3 weeks before the requested workshop date to have the best chance of scheduling a workshop.  Workshop requests received two weeks before the requested date have a good chance of being staffed.  Requests received less than a week before the date are unlikely to be staffed.  For larger groups, we appreciate as much time as possible to plan for your group and to make sure we have enough staff for your workshop.  Sending in your request a month in advance of your requested date (or more) would be appreciated.

To request a workshop, complete our Workshop Request Form.

What your group will get out of a teambuilding workshop (ground workshop)

Our teambuilding (ground) workshops are perfect for working on the following goals:

  • Getting to know one another
  • Learning names
  • Building community
  • Bonding
  • Communication
  • Working with others
  • Decision making
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Support
  • Trust
  • Conflict resolution
  • Having fun
Two students walking on the group during a teambuilding workshop.