Get your heart beating and bring the energy in our cardio classes.


Spin your way to fitness with a challenging ride set to motivating music. Book your bike for all cycling classes using the button below.

Photo of people smiling as they cycle during an indoor cycling group fitness class


Combine cycling with upper body strength training using light dumbbells and resistance bands. A true full-body workout!

An image of participants in a group fitness class at the Nicholas Recreation Center


Clear your mind and let the music take control in this rhythm-based cycling class. You’ll pedal to the beat of the music and ride to energizing songs.

Photo of a group of women smiling and sitting on bikes during an indoor cycling group fitness class


Challenge your muscular endurance and stamina with this heart-rate driven, circuit-based class utilizing water rowers, treadmills, kettlebells, slam balls and more!

A photo of a participant on a rower machine


A Latin-based workout that integrates dance and exercise while moving to international beats. Come feel the music, join the fun, and forget you're working out! No dance experience required.

Photo of a group of fitness instructors performing a dance move in sync with their arm above their head during an indoor Zumba class