Household Dependent Memberships

The Household Dependent membership is available for dependents (younger than 18 years old) of Rec Well members or current UW students. Household Dependent memberships are currently only offered for Nielsen Tennis Stadium.

Membership Options

12-month $50
8-month 38
4-month $38
4-month $20
1-month $6

Membership Details

  • Affiliate Dependent Memberships need to be purchased and renewed in person at Nielsen Tennis Stadium. Parent/guardian (who is a Rec Sports Affiliate Member or UW Student) must be present for purchase and renewal of Affiliate Dependent Membership.
  • Proof of guardianship or residency must be provided at time of purchase and renewal of membership. This can include birth certificate or proof that child still resides with the parent/guardian.
  • The Household Dependent’s parent/guardian must have a current Rec Well membership or current UW Student status.