Photo of a man doing pull-ups on fitness trail equipment outdoors

Fitness Trail

The Fitness Trail along Lakeshore Path features nine stations, each with a piece of equipment optimal for targeting specific muscle groups. Below you will find videos and descriptions for how to use the equipment. But there are no rules – use them however you’d like, whenever you’d like! Go ahead and step out of the gym and onto the Lakeshore Path for a fresh and fun outdoor workout.

This first station isn’t anything to trip over; we’re keeping things simple to start. Begin your workout with push-ups by using the bar to elevate your upper body (bonus: your palms won’t have to dig into the wood chips!). Now drop and give us 20!

At this station, you’ve got options. Use the flat bench as a deck for sit-ups, tucking your feet underneath the handle on the opposite side of the bench to anchor yourself. Or, show your triceps some love with more pushups. Use the two handles placed optimally on either side of the elevated bench for tricep pushups. Now, give us 20 more.

These bars aren’t just for gymnasts (but feel free to channel your inner Simone Biles). Hang on tight and pull yourself up for a serious upper body workout.

Want more pull-ups? You’ve come to the right station. The special U-shape of these bars optimally positions your arms for an intense bicep workout. Hold on tight with an underhand grip and raise and lower your body.

You didn’t think we’d let you leave without a leg workout, did you? These low-to-the-ground bars can be used in multiple ways. You can select a height and repeatedly jump up and over the bar, either forwards and backwards or from side to side. The higher the bar, the more intense your workout will be.

Or, these bars can be used for step ups. Place one foot on the bar and bring your other knee up to your chest, then lower it back down behind you. Repeat, starting with your other foot and continue the sequence for an intense leg workout.

Lastly, if you’re all about those arms, you can use these bars for push-ups, similar to how they were performed at the first station.

The monkey bars aren’t just for recess any more. This station might give you some flashbacks, though! You know what to do: start at one end and alternate arms as you grab on to each bar until you reach the other side. Don’t feel bad if they’re more challenging than you remember. You’re not in 3rd grade anymore.

At this station, you’ll get a chance to work your lower abs. Use the back bars and mid-height handles for support as you get into position. Raise and lower your legs for a deep lower abdominal and leg workout.

The other side of this piece of equipment can be also be used to work your abs, hip flexors, and legs. Hang from the highest bar and repeatedly bring your knees to your chest and extend them back out again for a great full body workout.

Lastly, place your hands on the outermost part of the high bar for pull-ups (and don’t forget to top it all off with a flex!).

Almost there! At this station, begin by positioning yourself underneath one of the bars at a 45-degree angle relative to the ground, with extended legs and heels firmly planted on the ground. Then, reach up and grab onto a bar with either an overhand or underhand grip. Perform pull-ups from this position for a great upper body workout.

If your triceps weren’t burning from the push-ups at Station 2, we’ve got you covered here. Position yourself in between the two bars and place your hands on top to hoist your body up. Perform tricep dips by lowering and raising your body closer to and further from the ground. We guarantee this exercise will have you feelin’ the burn!

If you’re over tricep exercises, select one of the bars to hang from with an overhand grip. Raise and lower extended legs for a great full body workout!