Guest Passes

Guest passes are $7 per entry.

Our members can sponsor up to three guests per day. Guest passes are non-refundable and can only be used once. You may purchase a guest pass at the Shell or Natatorium Member Services Offices. Guest passes are not valid at Nielsen Tennis Stadium. Please see details below.


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Guest Requirements

  • Guest must be at least 18 years old
  • Valid photo ID with birthdate required upon entry
  • UW-Madison Conference Attendees may purchase and use a guest pass without a sponsor (proof of conference attendance required upon entry)
  • All other guests must be accompanied by their sponsor at all times

Ogg Hall Fitness Center Guest Passes

Guest passes at Ogg Hall Fitness Center are available June 17 – August 25, 2019. Online sales only (no in-person purchases available).

To redeem: You will receive an email receipt with a PDF attachment after making your online purchase. Please present a digital or physical copy of the PDF attachment to the Ogg Hall Fitness Center member services desk. This will serve as your pass.