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Inclusion & Accessibility

We are committed to cultivating and upholding an inclusive environment in which we remove barriers and celebrate the differences of every member of our community.

As outlined below, we have a variety of accessibility options across programs, services, and facilities. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact accommodations@recwell.wisc.edu or fill out our Suggestion Form.

Our Why

We aim to build a movement of healthy habits through inclusion, education, innovation, and connection.

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Accommodation Requests

We are committed to offering inclusive and accessible programs. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in one of our programs, attend an event, or use our facilities, please contact us at (608) 262-0297 or accommodations@recwell.wisc.edu. All reasonable accommodation requests should be made at least 10 business days in advance. We will attempt to fulfill requests made after this date but cannot guarantee they will be met.

Inclusive Spaces

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Getting to our spaces

  • View campus’ accessible pedestrian route map here.
  • In each facility drop-down below, you’ll find accessible parking lots nearest our spaces. View the campus map for accessible parking lots here.

All facilities

  • We offer facility tours to see our spaces and work with Member Services staff to ask questions and request accommodation information. This is available before purchasing a membership.
  • Braille membership waivers are available.
  • Our membership software includes gender markers. For students and campus affiliates, this information is pulled from the University system. For all other members, you can select your gender when setting up your profile. Your gender is only available to select staff and will not be shared with anyone else on campus. Regardless of the gender associated with your profile, you will be able to use the locker room and restroom that is most comfortable and appropriate for you.

Nicholas Recreation Center

  • Nearest accessible parking: Lake and Johnson Ramp (Lot 46).
  • All lockers and locks are ADA accessible. 
  • The pool is ADA accessible and has an entrance outside of the locker rooms. 
  • Braille treadmills are available for reservation. To reserve, please call the Nicholas Recreation Center at (608) 262-8244.
  • Jogger belts are available for use in the pool.
  • Individual restrooms, showers, and changing rooms are available.
    • Lower Level: 3 restrooms with showers and baby changing stations, 1 restroom with shower and baby changing station (ADA-accessible, has access to the pool deck).
    • Level 1: ADA-accessible single restroom located by the entrance of Courts 1 and 2.
    • Level 3: ADA-accessible single restroom with baby changing station located in basketball courts behind Gym Services.
  • Listening devices available for spectators at aquatic events.
Accessible equipment
Lower Level
  • Zero-slope entry/exit squat racks and Olympic platforms (12)
  • Zero-slope entry/exit, fully adjustable cable cross Matrix Functional Training Machines (2)
Level 1
  • Sci Fit Pro 2 recumbent machines, near Wellbeing Services
  • Zero-slope entry/exit, fully adjustable cable cross Matrix Functional Training Machines (2)
Level 2
  • Zero-slope entry/exit, fully adjustable cable cross Matrix Functional Training Machines (2)
  • Zero-slope entry/exit TRUE Stretch Cages (2)
  • FITBENCH Units, offering easily-accessed dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes (4)
Level 3
  • Zero-slope entry/exit squat racks and Olympic platforms (6)
  • Zero-slope entry/exit, fully adjustable cable cross Matrix Functional Training Machines (2)
  • Matrix Smith Machine, ideal for squats and overhead press (1)
Level 4
  • Life Fitness Water Crank machines (near top of Sprint Ramp)
  • Zero-slope entry/exit TRUE Stretch Cages (1)

Nielsen Tennis Stadium

  • Nearest accessible public parking: University Bay Drive Ramp (Lot 76).
  • Gender-inclusive restrooms available at WIMR, Waisman Center, and Health Science Learning Center.

Lathrop Hall


  • Nearest accessible public parking: Lot 18 or Engineering Drive Ramp (Lot 17).
  • Braille treadmills are available to be reserved. To reserve, please call the Shell at (608) 263-6566.
  • Gender-inclusive restrooms available nearby at Camp Randall Stadium and Engineering Hall.


  • We’re constantly working to make sure our policies are inclusive.
  • We invite all members to use the locker room and restroom that is most comfortable and appropriate for you. We will not assume an individual’s gender identity and will not tolerate acts of harassment or discrimination against anyone on the basis of gender identity. Such instances will be immediately addressed by our staff.
  • All individuals shall be permitted to participate in the intramural sports program in a manner consistent with their gender identity, regardless of any medical treatment. While sport programs are typically offered in gender-based divisions, we seek to provide opportunities for all students to participate in programs inclusive of gender identity.
  • All Rec Well student employees have the option to voluntarily disclose identifying information.  

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Inclusive Programs

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Athletic Training

  • The Athletic Training Room in the Nicholas Recreation Center is ADA-accessible.
  • Athletic Training services are available across campus in convenient locations
  • Telehealth appointments are available.


  • Soderholm Family Aquatic Center is ADA-accessible. 
  • Pool equipment is available to be used for free.
  • Individual changing and showering areas are available.
  • Pool can be accessed outside of the locker room.


  • Dedicated staff members are available to help participants navigate group fitness classes more easily. 
  • All student employees undergo training on inclusive language.
  • Unified Group Fitness programming is available in partnership with Special Olympics.
  • Instructors are trained to offer modifications for all fitness levels.

Instructional Programs

  • Lessons are offered in multiple levels and formats.
  • American Red Cross courses are offered in multiple languages.
  • American Red Cross courses are offered at various times throughout the day, including during third shift.
  • American Red Cross courses are available in flexible locations across campus.
  • We commit to using using plain language in communications. 
  • Private lessons can be tailored to individual needs based on personal goals, ability, and knowledge.

Intramural Sports

  • We partner with the Adapted Fitness program to offer education-based events about adaptive recreation.
  • A variety of sports are offered in varying competition levels, including sitting volleyball, cornhole, and esports leagues.
  • Open divisions are offered whenever possible to avoid dictating gender.
  • All staff participate in trainings on creating inclusive culture and people-first language.
  • Transgender play policy allows any student to participate as they want in divisions that are gendered.
  • We have an ongoing partnership with Special Olympics to offer Unified programming.

Marketing & Communciations

  • Alt text used on all website photos.
  • Closed captioning included in video projects.

Sport Clubs

  • All officers go through inclusive culture training annually.
  • Diversity and inclusion training required of officers as part of annual training.
  • Funding available for clubs or members needing sport-specific accommodations. (For example, sign language interpreters, adaptive gear, etc.)


  • We partner with campus units on a referral program to provide individual-based access to programs, services, and facilities. 


  • Scholarships available for Summer Camp participants.
  • Accommodation request form available for youth participants.

Inclusive Staff & Training

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Professional Staff

By the end of spring 2021:

  • Each Rec Well professional staff member will engage in one development opportunity that leads to engaging conversations around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and related topics.
  • Our internal Engagement, Inclusion, Diversity, and Social Justice Committee (EIDSJ) will conduct a demographic analysis of facility and program usage to identify campus representation.
  • EIDSJ will conduct at least one focus group with an underrepresented population identified in demographic analysis to understand barriers to participation.

Student Staff

  • Since 2016, all new employees complete diversity training as part of onboarding. Topics include microaggressions, identity awareness, intent vs impact, and allyship.
  • Since 2016, we host an annual Student Employee Diversity Forum to allow student leaders to learn about diversity-related topics, as well as provide a space for staff to voice concerns and talk about opportunities for change. Almost 500 student employees have participated in this self-work event since it began.
  • Student employees are trained on creating inclusive culture and using inclusive and people-first language.
  • Hiring managers utilize rubrics to eliminate implicit bias in hiring practices.
  • We collaborate with campus partners (i.e. International Student Services, UHS, and McBurney Disability Resource Center) to train and prepare staff to appropriately respond to situations in facilities.

Unified Champion School

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is recognized as a Special Olympics National Unified Champion School and Wisconsin Unified Champion School.

The Unified Champion Schools Program highlights schools that promote social inclusion through inclusive youth leadership, whole school engagement, and Unified Sports.

Every semester, we offer Unified Sports on the intramural sports calendar. Inspired by a simple principle that training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding, Unified Sports joins people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team.

To learn more about Unified Champion Schools, visit Special Olympics Wisconsin.