Photo of an indoor weight room equipped with benches, plates, squat racks, and barbells

Performance Training Center

We converted three racquetball courts at the Natatorium into a full-on training center for all fitness levels. Discover what your body can do in the PTC, designed to accommodate functional, Olympic, personal, and small group training.


Due to reduced campus operations and workforce as well as growing public health concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, all Rec Well facilities are closed and all programs, services, and events are cancelled indefinitely.

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January 20 – May 10
Monday 6 – 9am, 11am – 7pm
Tuesday 6 – 9am, 11am – 8pm
Wednesday 6 – 9am, 11am – 7pm
Thursday 6 – 9am, 11am – 8pm
Friday 6 – 9am, 11am – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 5pm


Photo of an indoor fitness center equipped with benches, medicine balls, resistance bands, and ropes

Bay One

  • Matrix Functional Trainer
  • Squat Rack with plates and bar and Lock Jaw collars
  • 2 adjustable benches
  • PowerBlock interchangeable Dumbbells
  • Tow Battle ropes; 50′ and 40′
  • Medicine balls
  • Slam balls (soft)
  • Jump ropes
  • Resistance bands
  • Stability balls
  • Foam rollers
  • Individual exercise mats (10)
Photo of a turf strip in an indoor fitness center with a tire and ropes for exercising

Bay Two + Turf

  • Kettlebells
  • BOSU Balls
  • TRX suspension training with 4 straps
  • Medicine (Jam) balls
  • Agility ladders
  • Individual exercise mats (10)
  • 2 Drive Sleds with strap attachments
  • Bumper plates
  • 15′ climbing ropes
  • 2 Crash pads
  • Full set of soft plyometric boxes
Photo of an indoor weight room equipped with squat racks, barbells, and plates

Bay Three

  • 3 Olympic Lifting Platforms
  • 2 sets of Squat Stands
  • 1 full set of Jerk boxes
  • Olympic lifting bars
  • Bumper plates up to 55lb pairs
  • Block lifting chalk
  • Weight lifting chains
  • Lock Jaw collars
  • 4 crash pads
  • Dynamic functional training Rig: 24’ long, 4’ deep, 15’ high with monkey bars and lifting stations


General Conduct:

  • Water in a sealable container is allowed. Food, gum, and tobacco products are prohibited.
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times while lifting in the PTC. Sandals, open-toe shoes, and street shoes are prohibited. Appropriate athletic attire is required.
  • Bags and personal items are not allowed in the PTC. Appropriate storage space is available. Rec Well is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • No spitting on floor, machines, or equipment.
  • Music recommendations and selection is at the USAW coach’s discretion. Explicit or offensive music is prohibited.
  • Loose chalk is prohibited. Block, compressed, or liquid chalk is allowed on lifting platforms only.

Weightlifting Policies:

  • Participants wishing to use the Olympic weightlifting platforms are required to complete a Test-Out process. Please speak with a Rec Well employee for more details.
  • Removal of any equipment is prohibited. Do not leave equipment unattended.
  • Return and re-rack weights and equipment after use.
  • Improvised use of equipment is prohibited.
  • Control weights at all times.
  • Weight collars must be worn on barbells at all times.
  • Weight-bearing Olympic lifts are allowed on the platforms only.
  • Assistance from weightlifting coaches and spotters is strongly recommended at all times.
  • USAW coaches have authority over all conduct and use of equipment. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the facility.

Weightlifting Policies:

  • Olympic platforms may only be used under supervision of a Rec Well Olympic Weightlifting Coach.
  • Use of Olympic weightlifting platforms is restricted to participants who have passed the Olympic Weightlifting Test-Out process. Lifters who are inactive on platforms for over two semesters will be required to retest.
  • All lifts must be performed in a controlled manner throughout the entire movement.
  • Release weights, including drops, in a controlled manner. Do not slam weights.
  • Use of headphones is prohibited during Olympic weightlifting.


  • Bumper plates and barbells must remain on the platform area at all times during use.
  • Only ONE barbell is permitted on the platform at any given time. All other barbells MUST be racked.
  • Return and re-rack bumper plates and barbells after use.
  • Loose chalk is prohibited. Block, compressed, or liquid chalk is allowed on weightlifting platforms.
  • Vertically stacking weight plates to create a heightened pulling base is prohibited.

Jerk Blocks:

  • Jerk blocks may only be used on the platforms by participants signed in to use the platform.
  • Snatches, cleans, jerks, and pulls may be performed from the jerk blocks. Participants should not use jerk blocks for movements outside the intended use.
  • The top block must be used at all times.
  • Participants must maintain grip of the bar when lowering weights onto the blocks.

Partner Workouts:

  • Partner workouts are permitted. Each platform is limited to two people.
  • Only ONE person may perform lifts or squats on a platform at a time.
  • Athletic shoes and non-metal cleats are allowed on the turf.
  • The first half hour of every hour is designated “Turf Time”. Open use of the turf is permitted.
  • The second half hour of every hour is open for rope climbing, with limited turf time.
  • Each rope is limited to no more than TWO people at a time (one person spotting and one person climbing).
  • Crash pads are provided for your safety and are strongly recommended for use.
  • All climbing must be in a controlled manner. Swinging or irresponsible use will not be tolerated.
  • Monkey bars may only be used under supervision of Rec Well staff
  • Monkey bars may not be used when weight racks below are in use
  • A second person may enter the monkey bars in Area 1 only when the first person has moved beyond Area 2
  • Crash pads are provided for your safety and are strongly recommended for use
  • Inexperienced users are encouraged to climb in Areas 1 and 2 only