Our vision is to build a movement of healthy habits. One of the ways we do that is through education. During these free workshops, our staff will share information, resources, and strategies for you to improve your wellbeing.

Each workshop will focus on one of the seven aspects of wellbeing: Health, Safety, Meaning, Connection, Growth, Achievement, and Resiliency.


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Wellbeing instructor demonstrating stretch position.

De-Stress & Reset

Date: Saturday, December 17

Time: 1 – 2pm

Location: Nicholas Recreation Center, Balance Studio

Registration required: Yes

Take a break from finals to relax and de-stress. Learn about types of stress, how stress affects your brain and body, and what happens when you don’t deal with stress. We will try out a variety of stress management techniques throughout the workshop and explore strategies that work best for you. Leave the workshop with a stress ball, fidget, and study snack that can help you manage stress while studying for finals!


A photo of someone watercolor painting.

Watercolor with Wheelhouse Studios

Date: Tuesday, December 20

Time: 7:00 – 7:45pm & 8:00 – 8:45pm

Location: Nicholas Recreation Center, Spark Studio

Registration required: Yes

Join us in partnership with Wheelhouse Studios to unwind during Self-Care Week and paint your stress away. Choose from creating a watercolor Bucky or mandala during this 45 minute workshop.



Self-Care Strategies to Build Resilience

Wrap up your fall semester by learning about the importance of resiliency and how to cultivate it in your own life. This 45-minute workshop will introduce you to methods you can practice to build resiliency through mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, and self-check-ins. Finish the workshop by doing a gentle yoga flow with a gratitude meditation to leave you feeling refreshed as you head into finals.

How to Be an Active Badger

Being an Active Badger is more than being physically active. This workshop will provide you with ways to get involved in the UW-Madison community while also taking care of your physical and mental health. Join us and the Office of Inclusion Education to discuss how to connect with other Badgers, access resources related to allyship and activism, and talk about strategies to protect others in your community during the pandemic.

Photo of oats in mason jars.

Seasonal Eating for Sustenance

Fall is upon us, which means it’s time to enjoy all your favorite fall foods. Chow down with us and the Dietetics Club and learn how eating seasonal foods can support your environment, bank account, and energy. Learn how to make overnight oats in a matter of minutes and walk away with breakfast for the next day and a mason jar to re-use for next time.

Essential Oil Workshop

Roll your way to self-care by making your very own essential oil blend with us and at Allen Centennial Garden. Learn about different essential oil blends, make your own to take home, and then use your blend for a scent-based mindfulness practice. Drop into any one of the three sessions being offered.

A photo of three women sitting cross-legged on yoga mats with their eyes closed

Self-Care Strategies to Build Resilience

2020 has presented unique challenges, requiring many of us to be more resilient than usual. Now, add finals season into the mix and we could all use a reminder to breathe. This 45-minute workshop will introduce you to ways you can build resiliency skills like mindfulness and gratitude practice, self-check-ins, and compassion to use during stressful times and your day-to-day.

In this workshop, you will learn about:

  • stress and its effects on the body
  • what resilience is and why it is a learned skillset
  • concrete ways to build a sense of resilience in challenging times
An image of Bucky Badger sleeping in a bed, wrapped up in a red blanket

A REMinder on the Importance of Sleep

Presented in partnership with University Health Services
As we all know, sleep is essential to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Are you implementing and practicing good sleep habits? Do you need direction on where to start in your sleep journey? In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to sleep tips and techniques and REMind you of all the benefits that a good night’s sleep has to offer.

An image of a woman sitting cross-legged on Bascom Hill on a sunny day, with Bascom Hall behind her in the distance

How to Save for a Sunny Day

Do finances stress you out? Are your financial worries starting to affect other areas of your life? In this 45-minute workshop, our partners in the Office of Financial Aid will share money-saving tips to get you started on your financial wellbeing journey. Join us to learn more about saving, investing, and the connection between money and health.

An image of fresh produce from UW-Madison’s F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture farm plot

Tips & Tricks for At-Home Cooking

With outdoor patio season coming to a close, this workshop will give you tips and tricks for how to successfully make restaurant-level nutritious and delicious meals at home. The best part? The Dietetics and Nutrition Club will be performing a live cooking demonstration and you can pick up a curated meal kit before the workshop to follow along.

At the end of the workshop, you will:

  • have new food prep skills
  • know what to look for in the grocery store
  • and understand the best ingredients for making a nutritious meal
Student meditating in Allen Gardens

Fall Garden Meditation

Enjoy the fall colors and join us for a free meditation session in Allen Centennial Garden. Breathe in the crisp fall air and find a moment of calm through a seated, guided meditation with our instructor Scott Anderson. No experience or equipment necessary.

A photo of a female-identifying student writing in a notebook at a desk with a plant in it.

Practicing Gratitude

A one-hour session where you will learn how showing gratitude can improve your mental health, reflect on things in your daily life that deserve appreciation, and get a chance to send thanks. All participants will get their own gratitude journal to take home.