We know walking into the Nick or Bakke can be intimidating when machines with complex levers and pulleys surround you on each floor. That’s why we are using our team to teach you how to use the equipment at both facilities. You’ll be able to discuss which pieces of equipment you’d like to learn about (e.g. TRX or selectorized machines). You will be provided instructions on how to utilize this equipment safely and effectively. Recommendations for use will be provided, but this service does not include a fitness plan.

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A photo of strength and cardio equipment in the Nicholas Recreation Center.


Our orientation teaches anyone the right way to use the complex equipment in our facilities. Among other things, participants will:

  • Meet one-on-one with a Fitness Mentee
  • Learn the correct techniques on machines they have questions about
  • Learn about what muscles are being worked with each piece of machine
  • Sessions will be 30-minutes long