Are you interested in promoting your organization or event in our facilities? Please submit your original advertisement for approval and keep in mind we do not create content for outside organizations. Use of the Rec Well logo is reserved for University Recreation & Wellbeing, Sport Clubs, and our authorized partners. A list of policies and procedures is listed below.

Once you have read and understand our guidelines, please submit your request for our review. Our review process may take up to two weeks depending on the nature of your request.

Submit Marketing & Media Request


The following guidelines apply to all requests:

  • Once your request is submitted, our staff will communicate via email all approvals, edits, or denials of requests
  • Marketing requests should align with our play hard, get fit, live well mantra or to the campus experience
  • We are not responsible for monitoring copyright infringement of advertisements submitted by external organizations
Photo of a man in a wheelchair having his photo taken in an indoor gym


Request permission to take pictures or film in our facilities

  • No approval will be granted for photography or video in restrooms, locker rooms, or pools during building hours; special reservations outside building hours are required for photography and video in these areas (please visit our Reservations and Rentals page for more information)
  • Approval by the Marketing & Communications department is required to take pictures or film in our facilities
  • All subjects should provide model release consent prior to production
  • Subjects in photo/video must follow all Rec Well policies and procedures (including dress code) unless granted written permission
  • Photo shoot or filming (including equipment) may not disrupt scheduled activities or block traffic flow in facility
  • Rec Well logo or insignia may not be included in photos or video
  • Credit should be given to University Recreation & Wellbeing in post-production
  • Please check in with Member Services on the day of production
  • Commercial photography or filming projects must be reserved through University Communications

Connect with us on social media to promote your organization or event

  • We can help promote your organization or event on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Please submit a description of your event or organization via the online request form for consideration
  • We may assist by creating original content or by sharing your posts on social media

Request permission to set up a table or hold an event in our facilities

  • Tables and chairs may be reserved by your organization
  • Please refer to our Reservations and Rentals page for a full list of policies regarding tabling in our facilities, including reservation fees and fundraising policies
  • Student organizations should observe the fundraising policies outlined by the Center for Leadership and Involvement (we reserve the right to permit or deny fundraising activities within our facilities)
  • Outside organizations are not permitted to fundraise (directly solicit funds) within Rec Well facilities
  • Organizations should align with our play hard, get fit, live well mantra or to the campus experience