Injuries happen. Whether it’s from playing an intramural sport or performing daily activities, our athletic trainers are here for all UW-Madison students. Available services include injury evaluation, treatment planning, rehabilitation, sports medicine education, and injury prevention.

Our athletic trainers also support more than 2,100 sport club athletes, dance majors, and the UW Marching Band to ensure that they are safely performing at the highest level. With multiple locations across campus and flexible hours there are a variety of ways for students to access their sports medicine needs.


Book your Athletic Training appointment today through MyUHS or call (608) 265 - 5600.

Book an appointment


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How to Make an Appointment

  • Go to myUHS, log in using your NetID
  • Select Appointments on the left
  • Click Schedule an Appointment
  • Select Student Health Services
  • Select Athletic Training
  • List reason for appointment (e.g. “Low back pain”)
  • Confirm contact information
  • List callback number (please confirm this number is accurate)
  • Select your preferred appointment time

Services Offered

  • Injury evaluation and care
  • Rehabilitation following injury or surgery
  • Injury prevention exercise programs
  • Functional Return-to-Play programs following an injury
  • Concussion evaluation and Return-to-Play progression plans
  • Education on a variety of sports medicine topics
  • Telemedicine

Shadow an Athletic Trainer

Interested in becoming an athletic trainer? Sign up to shadow one our licensed Rec Well athletic trainers here. This program is open to all students, but priority will be given to students who need hours to apply for an MSAT program.

Crutch Usage & Rental Information

We have crutches available for rent to aid you after an injury and during your recovery. Check out our video on how to properly use and fit your crutches here.


The Boost Microgravity treadmill is available to all Rec Well members through our reservation system for free. Microgravity treadmills are used to train at a decreased body weight that reduces stresses on the body that may otherwise result in injury or pain.


A photo of a student using the Boost microgravity treadmill.


Erin Clark, MS, LAT

Position title: Assistant Director of Athletic Training


Phone: (608) 890 - 0637

Eliza Barter, DAT, LAT

Position title: Athletic Trainer


Phone: (608) 265 - 6382

Emily Eckman, MS, LAT

Position title: Athletic Trainer - Performing Arts


Kyle Gibson, MS, LAT

Position title: Athletic Trainer - Sports Programs


Phone: (608) 262 - 0996

Leah Smith

Position title: Athletic Training Professional Intern



To schedule an appointment, please visit MyUHS or call (608) 265 – 5600. If there are no appointments available or you have other questions, please contact Rec Well Athletic Training at

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The Bakke Athletic Training Clinic is located on the first floor of the Bakke on the West side of the building. The Bakke Clinic is our largest facility and houses a wide variety of modalities and rehabilitation equipment, including crutches and boots that can be issued to injured students at no cost and resistance bands for purchase at the Member Services desk. The Bakke also houses a Boost Microgravity treadmill available through reservation.


In-person athletic training appointments are available in the Athletic Training Room on the lower-level of the building. At the time of your appointment, wait in the lower-level waiting area near the bottom of the stairs and the athletic trainer will meet you. Lacrosse balls, hand therapy, crutches, and boots are available for rent as well as resistance bands for purchase at the member services desk. Additional rehab equipment including foam rollers, ankle weights, resistance bands, bosu balls are available for use throughout the Nick.

UHS Clinic

In-person athletic training appointments are available on the 5th floor of 333 East Campus Mall. Arrive early to your scheduled appointment to allow for enough time for check-in on the iPads. Medical equipment is available for purchase here through UHS.

Lathrop Clinic

This location is for those in the Dance Department. Students can schedule appointments or drop in on a limited basis. If you cannot be evaluated due to volume upon arrival, staff can work to schedule you at a later date.


Virtual appointments are offered through telemedicine and allows students to be assessed by our Athletic Trainers from the comfort of their own home. If your injury is preventing you from visiting one of our facilities or you are unsure if you need to see a provider in person, telemedicine is for you. If you would like to discuss a telemedicine appointment option, please contact Rec Well Athletic Training at  These appointments must take place in the state of Wisconsin.