Personal & Small Group Training

Training that’s built for you.

Personal and small group training is an individualized approach to overall health and fitness improvement. Our nationally-certified trainers work with you to create workouts that reflect your interests and goals, regardless of whether you’re training for performance or just starting out. Sessions may take place at the Nat or Shell depending on your preference and space availability.

Join a Small Group

Work with a certified personal trainer and 2-7 other individuals during a one hour session that promotes camaraderie.

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InBody Composition Analysis

Using bioelectrical impedance technology, the InBody analyzer will provide you with a comprehensive view of your body composition balance. Our personal trainers will guide you through the detailed analysis of your body’s fat and muscle, water levels, skeletal muscle mass, your calculated basal metabolic rate, and more.

  Single Analysis 5-Pack Analysis
Student $20 $85
Rec Well Member $30 $120

SKINFOLD Body Composition Assessment

This assessment is designed for anyone interested in learning more about his or her body composition and will measure body composition, a body weight ratio of fat mass to lean mass. Measurements are taken by skin-fold calipers.

  Single Analysis
Student $10
Rec Well Member $15

Personal Training


Designed for anyone looking for direction and motivation in their fitness routine. Work with a trainer one-on-one to customize and reach your fitness goals.

  Intro session* 3 sessions 6 sessions 8 sessions 12 sessions 16 sessions
Student $65 $115 $210 $260 $360 $440
Rec Well Member $75 $135 $255 $320 $450 $560
*Intro includes assessment and 1-hour training session.


Designed for anyone looking for direction and motivation in their fitness routine and enjoy training with a friend. Work with a trainer to customize and reach you and your friend’s fitness goals.

3 sessions 6 sessions 12 sessions
Student $75 $135 $240
Rec Well Member $95 $175 $290

Small Group Training

Work with a certified personal trainer in a welcoming, friendly group environment that promotes camaraderie and accountability. During each one hour session, a personal trainer will lead you and 2-7 other individuals through a structured workout in the Performance Training Center or Personal Training Studio. Your trainer will help you find success through a creative, fun, and dynamic workout experience, while giving you the best value for your fitness dollar.

Student: $50/6-week session
Rec Well Member: $60/6-week session

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  • None

Designed for:

  • Participants of all fitness levels looking for more structure in their fitness regimen

Class Components:

  • 60 minutes of group training with certified personal trainer
  • Proper warm-up and cool down designed for each day’s workout
  • Full body workout including strength and cardio components
  • Training will utilize a variety of equipment including dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, stability balls, and more


PERSONAL TRAINING Cancellation policy

The following restrictions apply when cancelling a personal training session:

  • Client must call the Member Services office or contact their personal trainer to cancel a session
  • Cancellations must occur at least 12 hours in advance (failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of that session)