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This is the cover of our 2021-22 Annual Report. It features "Annual Report 2021-22" in the upper left corner and our Rec Well logo in all black in the lower right corner. The image underneath shows a woman shooting a basketball into a hoop at the Nick. She is mid-shoot and has both feet off the floor.

Annual Report Cover - image of the Nick

2019-20An image of the cover of the 2019 Recreation & Wellbeing annual report with a red and black background, the Rec Well logo, and photos of student participants in a variety of actiities

2018-19Annual report cover letter - college students in a line

2017-18annual report cover - division of recreational sports with yoga being shown

Annual report cover - People playing softball - 2016/2017 annual report

2015-16annual report cover - intramural players in a dimly lit room - 2015/2016