We have a collective responsibility to foster a culture of mutual respect, courteous interactions, and equal opportunities for everyone. Our policies allow us to uphold an inclusive environment where we celebrate who we are, where we’re from, what we believe, and why we’re here.


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  • Members must present proper University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) or Rec Well identification to obtain access to all facilities
  • All members are allowed six courtesy passes per semester if they need to gain access to Rec Well facilities without their card present; once all six passes are used, members will not be allowed access to the facilities without proper identification
  • Members and guests must be at least 18 years of age to enter the facility
  • Members and guests are prohibited from:
    • Attempting to gain access into any Rec Well facility with an ID other than their own
    • Allowing another person to use their ID to gain access into Rec Well facilities
    • Attempting to sneak themselves or someone else into the facility through other points of access not designated as a main entry
    • Exiting through emergency exit doors during a non-emergency


Activity Space

  • Exercises and activities that may endanger you or others are strictly prohibited; we have the right to stop any activity we deem unsafe
  • We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items; all personal belongings should be secured in a daily use or rental locker
  • Leaving items unsecured (on the floor, coat rack, etc.) is done so at the participant’s own risk; it is strongly recommended that members do not bring valuables into Rec Well facilities
  • Food and gum is prohibited in activity spaces
  • All drinks must be in a sealed container
  • All equipment must remain in its designated location and should never leave the room it is in
  • All equipment must be returned to the appropriate location, and all weights must be re-racked
  • All bars must remain within racks or bar holders when not in use
  • Equipment may not be brought in from other areas (such as basketballs into racquetball courts, racquets into strength areas, etc.)
  • Personal weight lifting belts, weight training gloves, and wrist straps are permitted in the facility
  • Machines and equipment should not be moved or modified in any way and should be used for its intended purpose; do not add more than the recommended amount of weight to any piece of weight equipment
  • Collars must be used for all free weight bars
  • Weights should not be dropped or banged; participants are encouraged to always maintain control while exercising
  • The use of a spotter or assistance from Rec Well staff is recommended when needed
  • Observe a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular machines when others are waiting
  • As a courtesy to others, please limit cell phone use in the facilities
  • Wipe down equipment after use with towel and disinfectant spray; instead of spraying equipment directly, spray directly on to the towel
  • Personal trainers who are not employed by Rec Well are not permitted to train clients in Rec Well facilities; we are the sole provider of individual or group training programs within Rec Well facilities



  • Clean, appropriate athletic attire must cover the chest and buttocks
  • See-through garments are prohibited
  • Attire that could cause damage to equipment is prohibited
  • Clothing with profane language, offensive content, and/or in violation of our Diversity and Inclusion Statement are prohibited in the facility
  • Closed-toe, non-marking, activity-appropriate footwear is required; street shoes, backless shoes, and boots are not allowed
  • Do your part to keep our facility clean during the winter months; please bring a change of footwear to wear while working out


Climbing Wall

  • Climbing and Bouldering without Climbing Wall staff present is prohibited.
  • Activities that may endanger you or others are strictly prohibited; Rec Well has the right to stop any activity we deem unsafe.
  • Climbing is dangerous and there are inherent risks. Participants and observers must assume the risks of climbing and entering the facility. All climbers, participants, observers, individuals operating a safety system, and anyone proceeding past the check-in area must sign (or their parent/guardian must sign) the Release of Liability and Assumption of Risks form.
  • All climbers and observers must check in at the climbing wall desk before entering the space.
  • All belayers are required to hold a current Rec Well Belay Certification for the type of climbing they’re participating in. Climbing Wall Staff have the authority to remove certifications and replace personal gear as they see fit.
  • Clean, activity appropriate attire must be worn and cover the buttocks and chest at all times. Attire that could damage the equipment is prohibited.
  • Climbing shoes must be worn while climbing. Climbing shoes are available to rent for free at the Climbing Wall Desk.
  • All personal gear is used at climber’s own risk and is also subject to inspection by Climbing Wall Staff.
  • Remove all jewelry before climbing.
  • Remove all objects from pockets before climbing.
  • Food and gum are prohibited.
  • Drinks are allowed in sealable, shatter-proof containers only.
  • Report issues/injuries to Rec Well staff immediately.
  • Spotters are highly encouraged while bouldering.
  • Loose chalk is prohibited. Climbers using chalk must secure it using a chalk sock inside a chalk bag.
  • Helmets are encouraged when lead climbing or for participants under the age of 18.
  • Double-check your partner’s safety system (knots/harness/carabiners/belay devices) before every climb. Our staff reserve the right to check safety systems at any time.
  • Metal lead climbing anchors are not allowed to be used for hand or foot holds.
  • Auto-Belays may be used as long as the following steps are executed:
    • Test the device before leaving the ground
    • Double check that everything is secured correctly.
    • Be aware of who is climbing above and below you.
    • Do not allow slack to develop.
    • Report any problems to Rec Well Staff immediately.
  • All personal belongings should be secured in a locker or locker rooms. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Report stolen items to University Police.
  • Topping out, or climbing on top of the bouldering wall, is strictly prohibited. While bouldering, climbers must down-climb or drop down to the padding in a controlled manner.
  • We do not allow headphones of any kind while climbing.



  • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Students have the right to live and learn in safe environments
    • Students have the obligation to act with integrity
    • Students are accountable for the consequences of their actions
    • The mission of the University of Wisconsin System and its individual institutions can be realized only if the university’s teaching, learning, research, and service activities occur in living and learning environments that are safe and free from violence, harassment, fraud, theft, disruption and intimidation; in promoting such environments, the university has a responsibility to address student non-academic misconduct
  • Standards of Conduct
    • UW-Madison students and Rec Well members and guests assume an obligation to conduct themselves in accordance with UW-Madison standards
    • When an individual purchases a membership or guest pass or is granted access to a Rec Well facility or program, they agree to act courteously, cooperate with staff, and display positive behavior while utilizing Rec Well facilities and/or programs
  • Inclusion and Diversity
    • We strive to offer opportunities for all people to exchange ideas, share experiences, and achieve personal fulfillment
    • This pursuit of wellbeing is a right afforded to everyone, regardless of identity or ability
    • We have a collective responsibility to foster a culture of mutual respect, courteous interactions, and equal opportunities
    • Through Rec Well programs, services, facilities, and staff, we are committed to cultivating and upholding an inclusive environment in which we celebrate the differences of every member of our community
  • Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct
    • The following is prohibited in Rec Well facilities:
      • Use of obscenities and insulting language
      • Spitting
      • Harassment and/or hazing of other members or staff
      • Vandalism
      • Fighting
      • Verbal altercations
      • Bullying
    • Alcohol and Drugs
      • Rec Well facilities are alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free facilities; alcohol, drugs, e-cigarettes, tobacco products, and vaping devices of any kind are prohibited
      • Students, members, and guests suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be directed to exit and the UW-Madison Police Department will be called
    • Scooters, skateboards,and bikes
      • E-scooters and e-skateboards are prohibited in all Rec Well facilities and outdoor spaces
      • Riding non-electric scooters and skateboards in Rec Well facilities and outdoor spaces is prohibited; non-electric scooters and skateboards must be carried into the facility and stored in a locker; they are not permitted in activity spaces
      • Bikes are prohibited in all Rec Well facilities and outdoor spaces
    • Firearms and Weapons
      • Firearms and weapons of all kinds are prohibited in all Rec Well facilities and outdoor facilities
      • Martial arts equipment is permissible when it is used during a Rec Well-sponsored or supervised practice or event
    • Consequences
      • Failure to comply with these policies may result in a suspension, the length of which will be determined by Rec Well professional staff and/or Dean of Students, when appropriate, based on the circumstances surrounding the conduct and any prior violations. Refunds or additional days added to a membership will not be provided for suspensions
      • As outlined in campus regulations and policies, participants are subject to the possibility of official UW-Madison Judicial Proceedings and punishment from UW-Madison Police Department officials if they threaten and/or abuse Rec Well staff, members and/or guests
      • In the case of violence, the threat of violence, or a severe violation of Rec Well rules, copies of the Incident Report form will be forwarded to the UW-Madison Dean of Students Office and the UW-Madison Police Department



  • Boots, dress shoes, and sandals are not allowed; please bring a change of footwear to use in Rec Well facilities
  • Hanging on basketball rims is not permitted
  • Open Recreation Challenge System
    • When a game is already being played, a verbal challenge may be issued by players waiting for the next game to the players actively playing. 
    • Only one waiting player is needed to issue a challenge. No active players are allowed to issue a challenge for the next game.
    • Players waiting can only issue a challenge on one court and the challenger must be present before the current game ends.
    • After a game is over, players from the losing team may be chosen for the next game only if no other players are present and waiting.
    • Teams winning three consecutive games must sit out a minimum of one game if other players are waiting.   
  • During Open Rec, the sport designated on the Open Rec schedule has court priority; Rec Well staff reserves the right to stop all activity other than the designated sport
  • Any equipment or activity that is not the intended use of the space must first be approved by Rec Well professional staff
  • Spitting or chewing gum or tobacco products is prohibited
  • All drinks must be in a sealed container


Group Fitness

  • Group Fitness Pass required.
  • Bring your WisCard or Rec Well membership card to class.
  • Please visit the Group Fitness page for all policies and procedures.


Health & Safety

  • Injuries
    • All injuries sustained within Rec Well facilities should be reported to Rec Well staff
    • Anything that poses an immediate safety threat should be reported to Rec Well staff
  • Fire Emergency
    • If a fire alarm sounds, everyone must exit the facility immediately and move at least 500 feet away from the facility
    • Falsely pulling a fire alarm is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law
    • Areas of egress must be clear, at all times, for emergency purposes due to building fire code (i.e. stretching in the hallways, taking weights from the weight room, and bouncing balls in the hallways are not permitted); in rare circumstances, activities such as these can be approved by Rec Well professional staff members
  • Weather
    • In the case of a weather emergency, all members and guests must follow the direction of Rec Well staff
    • No one is allowed to remain in non-shelter areas during a weather emergency
  • Video Surveillance
    • For your safety and protection, some areas of Rec Well facilities are under 24-hour video surveillance


Ice Rink

  • Exercises and activities that may endanger you or others are strictly prohibited. We have the right to stop any activity we deem unsafe.
  • When the doors to the Zamboni garage open, all users must immediately exit the ice and remain off the ice until resurfacing is complete and the garage doors have closed.
  • Benches are provided around the perimeter of the ice rink. Please do not sit on the boards.
  • Ice hockey equipment is intended for the ice only. Use of this equipment off the ice is not allowed.
  • Any equipment or activity that is not intended for this space must be approved by our staff.
  • Stay hydrated with drinks in a sealed and shatterproof container. Please leave your food and gum outside of the rink.
  • We are not responsible for any lost of stolen items. Lockers are provided for day use or rental in the main locker rooms.


Locker Rooms & Restrooms

We invite all members to use the locker room and restroom that is most comfortable and appropriate for them. We will not assume an individual’s gender identity and will not tolerate acts of harassment or discrimination against anyone on the basis of gender identity. Such instances will be immediately addressed by our staff.

  • Photography and videography is prohibited in locker rooms and restrooms at all times
  • Sleeping, food and gum, and glass containers or breakable items are not allowed in locker rooms or restrooms
  • Footwear is strongly recommended in locker rooms and restrooms
  • Personal items should be placed inside the locker, not hung on the outside
  • A full list of single-stall, gender inclusive restrooms can be found here


Lost & Found

  • Personal items found in all facilities will be placed in the Lost & Found at that facility
  • The Lost & Found is cleaned out & discarded every Friday morning
  • Items that are non-apparel valuables estimated over $50 will be held for 30 days
  • Staff will not provide lost & found confirmation over the phone; the member or guest must be present at the facility to confirm item


Outdoor Spaces

  • The Near West Fields, University Bay Fields, Near East Fields, and Cole Recreation Area are for use by University of Wisconsin – Madison students, affiliated members and authorized guests; Identification is required
  • Gum, sunflower seeds, and all other forms of food are prohibited
  • Rubber or plastic cleats are allowed
  • Penetrating the field with stakes or spikes of any kind is prohibited; tents and other equipment should be secured with water barrels or approved weights
  • Water is allowed in sealable, shatter-proof containers only; all other drinks are prohibited on the fields
  • Bicycles and mopeds should be parked in the designated parking stalls outside of activity spaces
  • Rollerblades, skates, skateboards, and motorized “hover” boards must be carried onto the field and may not be utilized or operated on the field in any capacity
  • The use of kites or motorized flying vehicles such as unmanned aircraft drones is prohibited
  • Animals are not permitted, with the exception of trained service animals
  • Alcohol, drugs, e-cigarettes and all other tobacco products are prohibited
  • Trash and recycling must be placed in appropriate containers
  • Court lighting is available at Cole Recreation Area from sunset – 10pm


Payment & Refund Methods


Rec Well accepts credit/debit cards, Wiscards, and checks payable to UW-Madison Rec Well as payment options. All monthly recurring items must be paid via a credit/debit card. Rec Well does not accept cash.


We do not offer refunds for periods in which any Rec Well facilities or spaces are closed due to campus closures, holidays, periods between semesters, weather-related, scheduled events, and closures for maintenance. Check out our hours here. Refund policies differ depending on type of purchase. Please review the information below and email us at hello@recwell.wisc.edu if you have any questions. To cancel a recurring monthly membership, pass, or service, please complete the Recurring Cancellation Form.

  • Memberships, Services, Passes, and Programs
    • Rec Well memberships, services, and passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event of an emergency campus-wide closure, memberships will be halted and resume when at least one Rec Well facility is permitted to reopen.
    • Faculty and staff who leave the university during the duration of their membership will lose their eligibility and their membership will expire at the end of the month (recurring) or at the end of the membership (Week Pass). No refunds will be given, but access will be provided up until the expiration date.
    • For programs, no refunds will be given as of 3 days prior to program offering start date.
    • All refund requests for the COVID facility closure were due before October 1, 2020. Refunds will no longer be provided for COVID facility closures.
  • Merchandise Purchases
    • Merchandise purchases are non-refundable. If merchandise is defective upon opening, this must be reported to the purchase location within the duration of your visit when merchandise was purchased. A replacement item will be given with no additional cost. Defective merchandise must be returned at that time.
  • Refund Request and Processing
    • All refund requests must be submitted via the Refund Request Form. A cancellation processing fee of 10% of the refund amount or $10 minimum (should refund amount be less than $10) will be applied for all approved refunds. Any refund amount under $5 will not be provided. Approved refunds will be returned in the following methods:
      • Credit card payments will be refunded to the original card used at the time of payment.
      • Check payments will be refunded via campus-issued check and may take up to 30 days to process.
    • Once offered a refund, the refund recipient has 30 days to provide refund information, if needed.


Photo, Video, & Marketing

Informal Photography & Video in Rec Well facilities

  • Photography and videography is prohibited in restrooms, locker rooms, and the pool at all times
  • Pictures and videos taken within the facility for non-commercial, professional, or project-based purposes must not target groups or individuals without consent
  • Any abusive expression that violates the student non-academic misconduct procedures (Chapter UWS 17) or Hostile and Intimidating Behavior policies will be reported accordingly and will be subject to disciplinary action or suspension by Rec Well
  • Photographs and videos may be taken of informal recreation and programs by Rec Well or University of Wisconsin-Madison Communications and/or Marketing. These photographs/videos are used for promotional purposes. Those preferring not to be photographed/filmed may notify the photographer

Commercial, Professional, or Project-Based Photography & Video in Rec Well facilities

  • No approval will be granted for photography or video in restrooms, locker rooms, or pools during building hours; special reservations outside building hours are required for photography and video in these areas (please visit our Reservations and Rentals page for more information)
  • Approval by the Marketing and Communications department is required to take pictures or film in Rec Well facilities for commercial, professional, or project-based purposes
  • All subjects should provide model release consent prior to production
  • Subjects in photo/video must follow all Rec Well policies and procedures (including dress code) unless granted written permission
  • Photoshoots or filming (including equipment) may not disrupt scheduled activities or block traffic flow in facility
  • The Rec Well logo or insignia may not be included in photos or video unless granted written permission by Rec Well
  • Credit should be given to the University Recreation & Wellbeing in post-production
  • Please check in with Member Services on the day of production
  • Commercial photography or filming projects must be reserved through University Communications

Pool & Diving Well

  • Unauthorized photography/videography is prohibited in the pool and diving well at all times; please review our media policies here


  • A lifeguard must be present before entering the water
  • Diving into a lap pool is not permitted
  • Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open cut
  • Shower before entering the pool and after using the toilet facilities
  • Running or engaging in rough play is not permitted in the pool area
  • Proper swimwear is required
  • Glass and breakable items are prohibited in the pool area
  • Food, drink, gum, and tobacco are prohibited in the pool
  • Diaper changing on the pool deck is prohibited
  • Animals are prohibited in the pool area
  • Activity deemed unsafe by the lifeguard will be prohibited

Diving Well

  • Swimming in the Diving Well is prohibited while diving boards and/or platforms are in use
  • Use of diving platforms is restricted to authorized users under direct supervision of certified diving coaches or instructors
  • Proficient swimming ability is required
  • Goggles and other eyewear may not be worn while diving
  • When the diving area is available for recreational use:
    • Only the center 1-meter springboard may be used
    • All jumps and dives must be in the forward direction
    • Back dives, inward dives, reverse dives, spins, handstands, and seat drops are prohibited
    • Only one person on the diving board at a time
    • Only one bounce per jump or dive is allowed
    • After each entry, swim directly to the nearest ladder and exit the pool


Service Animals

  • Trained service animals may enter the facility with proper identification and training
  • Emotional Support Animals must have special permission to access Rec Well facilities
  • A service dog or animal may be asked to leave the facility if the animal’s behavior or presence poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others (i.e. a service dog that displays vicious behavior toward people)
  • Please click here for more information on UW-Madison’s Service Animal Policies