Play tennis and squash year-round at Nielsen Tennis Stadium. We offer 12 indoor tennis courts, two squash courts, equipment rental and racquet services, and a system to help you find a tennis partner.

Interested in more practice before you play? We offer several types of lessons led by certified instructors.

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For the Love of the Game

Nielsen Tennis Stadium
1000 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

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In order to be good stewards of our resources, Nielsen Tennis Stadium may close early depending on the court reservation schedule. From time to time, you may also experience closures due to tournaments and other events. Please contact us a (608) 262-0410 to confirm closing times and availability prior to arriving for a walk-in court reservation.


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Reserve an indoor tennis court

There are two ways to reserve courts for indoor tennis: 

  • Call Nielsen Tennis Stadium at (608) 262-0410
  • Visit the Member Services desk at Nielsen Tennis Stadium to reserve in-person

**To reserve a ball machine during your court time, please call Nielsen Tennis Stadium at (608) 262-0410. Ball machine availability is limited; it is recommended to reserve before your court time.

Reserve a squash court

  • Call Nielsen Tennis Stadium at (608) 262-0410 or visit the front desk
  • Reservations can be made starting at 7:45am each morning
  • Reservations will be honored in the order received
  • Each person must make their own reservation

Reservation policies

  • Court fees must be paid at Nielsen Tennis Stadium prior to playing (see pricing under Court Fees)
  • Courts can be reserved online up to 2 hours before the court time; last minute reservations must be made over the phone or in-person at Nielsen Tennis Stadium
  • Reservations can be made starting at 7:45am each morning (online and over the phone)
  • Each person must make their own reservation
  • Current UW-Madison students and Rec Well members may make a reservation three days in advance (example: call or go online on Monday to reserve for Thursday)
  • Guests and non-members may make a reservation one day in advance
  • Players can make one court reservation per day

Cancellation policies

  • Court reservations and cancellation fees are the responsibility of the person who booked the court reservation
  • Players can cancel a reservation with no penalty up to two hours in advance of their reservation time
  • Players with “no shows” and “late cancellations” will be billed a cancellation fee of $12 which, once billed & emailed to the player, must be paid before making a reservation and/or playing again
  • How to cancel court reservations on CourtReserve


Access to Nielsen Tennis Stadium is included in your Recreation & Wellbeing membership. Household Dependent memberships are available for children younger than 18 years old.

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Indoor Tennis Court Fees

Rates shown are per person.

Singles Doubles
UW Students $6 $3
Affiliate & Dependent Members $10 $5
Guests $20 $10

Discounted Court Fees

Discounted court fees are available Monday – Thursday from 10:30am – 1:30pm (start times). Rates shown are per person.

Singles Doubles
UW Students $4 $3
Affiliate & Dependent Members $6 $4
Guests $11 $8

Squash Court Fees

Rates shown are per person.

UW Students $3
Affiliate & Dependent Members $4
Guests $8


For your convenience, we offer a variety of equipment rental options and racquet services.

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Equipment Rental

Fees shown are per-use rates.

Tennis Ball Machine* $12
Demo Tennis racquets  $2
Demo Squash racquets  $2
Rental Tennis racquets  $1
Rental Squash racquets $2

*Tennis balls included in rental. We’ll also provide a hopper for picking up tennis balls.

Restringing Services

Have your racquet restrung at Nielsen Tennis Stadium. We offer a pre-paid service guaranteed within three business days.


Gamma TNT II: Ultra-responsive with excellent feel, Gamma’s bestselling string. This solid core string
provides great comfort, playability and spin. ($26)

Live Wire: Combines a unique multifiber construction and Gamma’s patented irradiation process for
more power, control and less shock. ($30)

Babolat RPM Team: This polyester string is softer than most other polyesters in the market. Great
string for players who provide their own power but are looking for some extra pop and spin on the
ball. Also, works well in hybrid sting jobs due to its high durability. ($33)


Prince Topspin: Textured string offering maximum spin, control and power. Triple twist construction
utilizes Duraflex for increased durability and consistency. Offered in 15L Gauge. ($23)

Babolat Pro Hurricane: The original polyester, this is a stiffer string than RPM Team and is best for
those that break strings often. This string offers great durability while helping with spin and control.
Also works well as a hybrid string. ($27)

Live Wire XP: According to Gamma, Live Wire 16 XP offers “power and control, superior durability and
a crisp, solid feel. A soft Pearl coating provides added comfort and durability. ($31)


Wilson NXT Duo II: The Wilson NXT Duo II combines Luxilon Adrenaline 17g and Wilson NXT 16g
strings. Luxilon Adrenaline is polyester made from liquid crystalline. Adrenaline provides a crisp, firm
feel that’s great for the hard-hitting players. ($35)

Wilson NXT: One the best playing synthetic strings on the market. Multifilament construction that
looks, feels, and plays very much like Natural Gut. Available in 16 or 17 gauge. ($36)

Gamma Live Wire Professional: Live Wire Professional 16 offers “Gut-like performance in a
multifilament string”. Including increased resiliency and elasticity, and 20% Higher Impact Urethane
Resin for improved vibration dampening. ($38)


Prince Synthetic Gut: The #1 selling string in the world. Something for everyone: good playability,
good durability, good price. Players of all ranges (from 3.0-5.0) will find this string to be a great value.

Gamma Synthetic Gut: An all-around performance string that offers a balance of playability and
durability for a wide audience of playing styles. Offered in 16 and 17 gauge. ($18)

Gamma Wearguard w/Duraflex: Wearguard technology offers longer life with enhanced playability.
The core of the string is made from Gamma’s Super Resilient Dynalon Center Core and is designed to
offer more power than conventional synthetic gut. ($18)

Gamma Challenger: Economical nylon string by Gamma. ($15)


Ashaway Supernick: The official string of the PSA and WISPA, Supernick provides power, durability,
and exceptional feel. ($25)


Racquet owners can provide their own string to be used for stringing service. Our talented staff handles the string with care, but in the event the owner-provided string breaks during the stringing service, we will use a similar string as a replacement. We are unable to provide a refund for the broken string. ($12)

Racquet Repair Services

Racquet handle regripping $1
Natural gut stringing surcharge $2
Racquet handle size build-up $2
Racquet grommet replacement (labor only) $5
24-hour stringing fee $5


We have created a private Facebook Group to make finding a tennis partner an ace. Please note, you must have a Court Reserve account with Nielsen Tennis Stadium to be approved as a member of the group.

Join the Group