Unified Sports: A league for everyone

by Maddie Dahmer
For the first time in program history, the Competitive Sports department offered intramural sports participants the opportunity to play alongside athletes from the Special Olympics!  This partnership is called unified sports, and Competitive Sports is currently working with the Madison, WI chapter of Special Olympics and the student organization Badgers for Special Olympics to promote Unified participation in a variety of intramural sports here at UW-Madison.

Playing Unified Flag Football this fall semester was a rewarding experience for all involved.  Unified sports offer UW-Madison students an increased opportunity to participate in recreational activities alongside members of the greater Madison community.  This opportunity also allowed students to gain experience cooperating with populations that aren’t represented in everyday life on campus.  Special Olympics athletes also enjoyed this opportunity to meet students and form friendships!  Everyone had a great time playing and cheering on their team throughout the five-week season.
Interested in participating? Registration is now open for a Unified Volleyball league on Sundays next semester!
We’ll also be hosting a Unified Outdoor Field Day in late spring.  All Unified programming is free for UW students, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming opportunities to participate!