Sport Club of the Month: Boxing

The University of Wisconsin-Madison had a rich history of boxing since the early 1930s until it was banned in 1960. However, since Boxing’s introduction to the Sport Club program in 2013, 150 members have been able to continue the tradition of competitive boxing in Madison. Home to beginner, intermediate, and advanced boxers, Club Boxing is an evolving club that has integrated new tournaments, socials, and volunteering opportunities over the last four years. We met with the club’s president, Tanner Zoromski, to learn more.
Rec Sports: How long have you been a part of the Sport Club program?
Tanner Zoromski: I’ve been in UW Boxing since my freshman year, and it’s been cool to see it transform over time. We started out probably with 40 members when I was a freshman and the club was new in 2013. And now, we are close to 151 people in the organization.
RS: With so many members, how is the club organized?
TZ: Since we have so many members it’s kind of divided into two classes. You have the intermediate people, who will participate in competitions, and you have the beginners, where the majority of our members are. You come to practice and you learn the fundamentals and work out, and we just teach you the ropes.
RS: Do potential members need to have any prior experience?
TZ: Nope, no prior experience is needed. We’ll teach you everything you need to know!
 RS: How often does the club practice?

TZ: There are two beginner practices. Next semester it’ll be on Mondays and Wednesdays, and there are two intermediate practices which are Sundays and Tuesdays. Then there’s a universal conditioning day where you can come and just work out with us.
RS:  What level of commitment does this club require?
TZ: What’s convenient about it is that it’s as much of a commitment as you want it to be at the time. We’re not sure where the future will be for our club, as far as participation and attendance, but for right now, you can come one night a week and get your workout and learn a little bit. Or, like me, you could come three nights a week or four nights a week. The more you give, the more you get.
RS: How has being involved in Club Boxing affected your experience here at UW-Madison?
TZ: Oh, it’s been really terrific. I really enjoy boxing, personally. It has definitely been the best way I’ve ever found to relieve stress and to get your anxieties and anger out. It’s also a really good place to meet people. Boxing is such a solo, individual sport in nature but the more you get into it, the more you rely on the people around you and make some good friends in the process.
RS: Does the club have a rival school yet?
TZ: Our club is very new to competing. Last year, we actually had our first competition between two schools, and this semester it’s the same school, Loyola University in Chicago. They are our technical rivals right now but next semester, we’re having UW-La Crosse come to town. We’re slowly adding onto what we already have. We’ll probably eventually get to a point where we can send people to national tournaments to start representing Wisconsin on a bigger scale.
RS: Does the club have socials throughout the semester?
 TZ: We do laser tag socials and we go to B-dubs and get free wings and we all hang out. We typically do one volunteering event per semester that we try to get as many people to participate in, and next semester we will be working with kids in the Discovery Center.
RS: How would you describe your club in three words?
TZ: Fun, challenging, and competitive. We really try to push each other since we have to take leadership into our own hands; we motivate each other and just try to grow.
This growing club combines the individual nature of boxing with the support and knowledge that team sports provide. Looking to learn about boxing technique, get a good workout, or relieve stress and anxiety? Check out the UW-Madison Boxing Club on Facebook or their WIN page to get involved!