Quiz: Which Sport Club Should You Join?

We are proud to be home to more than 40 student-run Sport Clubs on campus. From baseball to water skiing, there are so many clubs to explore. Pack your perfect gym bag and we will help you narrow down your choices to the club we believe you should join this year.
First of all, what kind of bag are you packing?
A: A small duffle. It’s just the right size to fit in my locker.
B: A backpack that’s the perfect size and shape for my essentials.
C: A small bag with wheels. It makes getting to the gym a bit easier.
D: A fanny pack. The lighter and smaller the bag, the better.
E:  A medium-sized duffle. My essentials take up some space.
What kind of mid-workout snack do you pack?
A: Veggies and dip.
B: Grapes or an apple.
C: Peanut butter crackers.
D: Trail mix with dried fruit.
E: A protein bar or shake.
How important is it for you to bring headphones?
A: Not important at all. I never use headphones when I work out.
B: I’ll bring them along but they’ll probably stay in the bag.
C: I can do without them but music really helps me get in the zone.
D: I use them if I don’t have a workout buddy with me.
E: I need headphones to help me have the best possible workout.
What kind of workout outfit do you bring?
A: A swimsuit.
B: A long sleeve shirt with shorts or a skirt.
C: Long, tight-fit clothing I can move in.
D: Shorter shorts and a tank top.
E: A t-shirt or muscle tee with athletic shorts.
Choose one extra item to pack:
A: Shampoo. I like to rinse off after my workout.
B: Sunglasses. Sometimes I prefer to move my workout outside.
C: A sweatshirt. The temperature during my workout can be unpredictable.
D: A hat or headband. Necessary to keep my hair and sweat away from my eyes.
E: A sweat rag. Always comes in handy.
All packed! Where are you headed?
A: The Natatorium.
B: Cole Recreation Area.
C: The Shell.
D: The Lakeshore Path.
E: Ogg Hall Fitness Center.
Oh no! You forgot to pack an essential. What do you buy from the front desk?
A: A towel.
B: A headband.
C: White laces.
D: Whatever it is, I’ll just stop back home and get it.
E: Athletic tape.
Now count up your answers for your results!
Mostly A’s: Swim Club
It’s clear that being in the water is one of your favorite ways to work out. You love visiting the Natatorium Pool and Diving Well and our Deep Water class is your ideal Group Fitness class. What better way to stay motivated and active at the pool than Swim Club?

Mostly B’s: Tennis Club
You love taking advantage of the indoor and outdoor facilities around campus. From Nielsen Tennis Stadium to Cole Recreation Area, the tennis courts are the perfect place for you.

Mostly C’s: Figure Skating Club
No matter what the weather is like outside, you prefer to stay cool at the ice rink. Gliding around the ice is such a fun workout that it often doesn’t even feel like work. Try out for the synchronized skating team or compete in individual events with Figure Skating Club!

Mostly D’s: Track Club
Your favorite way to stay active is to get up and moving! Whether you’re an old pro sprinter or just enjoy jogging on the Lakeshore Path, Track Club is the perfect team for you. Compete in cross country or track and field meets around the Midwest and practice with the team on campus throughout the year.

Mostly E’s: Club Boxing
A very physical workout is your favorite way to stay fit and active. Club Boxing is the perfect way to combine your workout with learning self-defense and being part of a team. The best part: no previous experience is necessary for this club and you can join at any time!