5 Wisconsin Style Winter Workouts

Knowing Wisconsin, we probably haven’t seen the last of the snow this season. But hey, we survived the Great Polar Vortex of 2019 like champs. Now, it’s time we take advantage of winter’s fun perks. Before campus thaws once and for all, try out these five ways to take your workout outside in true Wisconsin fashion:

1. Sledding/Traying
Where there’s snow, there’s gotta be sledding. The walks up the hill burn some serious calories but they’re definitely worth the thrill on the way down. Grab a sled (or a tray… hey, it’s tradition) and head on down to Observatory Hill.

(Photo by Bryce Richter /UW-Madison)

2. Snowball Fight
Bring the heat by challenging your friends to a snowball fight. Between trekking through snow, testing your reflexes, and working on your throwing arm, you’re sure to get a good workout. It’s basically winter’s version of dodgeball.

(Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

3. Ice Skating
It’s always a nice day for an ice day no matter what the weather. The Shell is a perfect place to escape the outdoor elements while still enjoying a classic winter workout. Or if you’re looking for a bit of fresh air, take the fun outside! Here in Madison, we’re lucky to have tons of outdoor rinks to choose from run by the City of Madison Parks Division.

4. Jog or Walk on the Lakeshore Path
Get your steps in with a stroll down Lakeshore Path. It’s a perfect place to get some fresh air while being surrounded by nature (and probably even spot some dogs on the way). If you want to take your walk to the next level, check out the fitness trail along the way. Bonus: take a walk right after a freshly fallen snow. Few things are prettier than an untouched snowfall.

(Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

5. Snowshoeing
Or, if the snow’s a little too deep, check out snowshoeing. We’ll be doing a little snowshoeing of our own on #ActiveBadger Day with a Snowshoe Trek to Picnic Point with Outdoor UW and even a game of Snowshoe Kickball at Near East Fields. (And yes, you read that right. Snowshoe. Kickball.)

(Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Warm weather may be on our minds, but we still have some time before things start heating up. For now, let’s embrace this last bit of winter. We have a feeling we might even find our new favorite way to work out along the way.