10 Signs You Know You're An #ActiveBadger

Here at Rec Sports we know we have some of the most dedicated members of all time. Whether you spend more time at the Nat than your apartment, play on more intramural sports teams than you can count, or memorize the group fitness schedule every time it comes out, we think you’re going to relate to this list.

  1. You head to the facilities so often the facility attendants know you by name (and know when you skip your usual 7am workout). 
  2. There’s a free Rec Sports shirt in your closet for every day of the week. space
  3. You schedule your classes around your favorite time to go to the gym.
  4. You have a favorite “unassigned but assigned” treadmill.space
  5. You’ve added intramural sports registration deadlines to your calendar.
  6. There isn’t a group fitness class you haven’t tried.
  7. As much as you’re excited for the new Nicholas Recreation Center, there will always be a place in your heart for the SERF (and its weird color scheme).space
  8. You get your workout in no matter the weather, even if it means waiting an extra 20 minutes for the 80 (in the snow).
  9. You’ve got more intramural sports championship wins under your belt than anyone you know (and you’re not afraid to flex that fact).space
  10. No matter how you do it, you PLAY HARD. GET FIT. LIVE WELL. in and out of our facilities.

Think we missed something? Slide into those DMs or comment on our Facebook post with a sign you know you’re an #ActiveBadger for a chance at a shoutout on our Instagram.