Winners of the 2019-20 Sport Club Awards

A photo of 7 players of the Men's Club Basketball team in front of a hoop at the Camp Randall Sports Center

It has been an exciting year for Sport Clubs and we are so proud of their achievements. There were several regional and national appearances, tournament wins, and team bonding moments. We even added a few new clubs to the family.  And despite having some seasons cut short this spring, Sport Club athletes remained positive and resilient.

Introducing, your 2019-20 Sport Club Award Winners:

Rookie of the Year: Griffin Corbett, Men’s Basketball
Griffin won MVP of the Western Michigan NIRSA regional and earned Rookie of the Year with his overtime buzzer beater.

Outstanding Individual Leadership: Kalli Acker, Women’s Soccer
Kalli has proven to be a supportive leader both on and off the field.  

Female Athlete of the Year: Maggie Hackett, Women’s Rugby
Maggie is a devoted, key player of Women’s Rugby who dedicated four years to the team and is constantly striving to improve as an athlete. In fact, this year she was recognized as the Best Forward in the Midwest. As a member of the Sport Club Executive Board, she has committed herself to improving the Sport Club experience for not only her own team, but for all Sport Club athletes.

Male Athlete of the Year: Ted Schewe, Men’s Ultimate
Ted not only served as a committed leader of Men’s Club Ultimate, but is also an excellent athlete and won a world championship with the USA U20 team!

Coach of the Year: Nate Otto, Women’s Basketball
Nate has worked tirelessly to make Women’s Club Basketball successful. He has proven to be a compassionate and hardworking coach and his athletes say he has given them a sense of purpose. “Nate taught us to be full of grit, heart, and integrity – we are better players because of him, we are a better team because of him, but perhaps most importantly, we are better people because of him.”

Fundraiser of the Year: Track
The Wisconsin Track Club recognized the impacts of the pandemic and stepped in to help the community the best way they know how – by running! They launched a donation drive, Miles for Madison, to support local businesses as they are experiencing financial hardship due to the outbreak of COVID-19. So far, they have raised $1,100 and ran more than 1,500 miles.

Community Service Event of the Year: Women’s Basketball
Women’s Club Basketball partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and sent club members to play basketball with some young athletes. The team plans to continue this great community service partnership in the future, using their basketball skills to better the community on and off the court.

Comeback Club of the Year: Boxing
The Boxing Club began this school year as the 42nd ranked club in the program, but had reached 17th in priority points in the matter of one school year thanks to the hard work of the team members and executive board. The team gained many dedicated, skilled boxers this year and was able to drastically increase the number of activities the club performed! “The club is no longer about only practice and learning to box, but also about building camaraderie to create lifelong friends and being involved in the community.”

New Club of the Year: Roundnet
Roundnet (better known as Spikeball) established itself as a Sport Club this year and already gained the interest and commitment of many athletes. Despite the season getting cut short, the team remains positive and excited for what is to come.

Club of the Year: Men’s Basketball
Over the past two years, Men’s Basketball has increased their fundraising and community service, demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, and have been more competitive than ever on the court.

Thank you for another fantastic year, Active Badgers. We are so proud of you.

P.S. Hear from the winners on our Instagram highlight.