Why your 2020 vote matters more than you think

It’s gametime, Badgers. This year’s election is the Rose Bowl of all elections, so mask up and get your head in the game. As youth voters in the swing state of Wisconsin, you’re voting in a state that could contribute to one of the most important states’ votes – it can decide the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. Your voice is especially important because you’re in an age bracket (19-29) that makes up the majority of the state’s voters. This is a chance to stand up for yourself and your community by advocating for what you believe in. Now is the time to exercise your right to vote. No pressure!

What’s a swing state?

Good question. Swing states are states that historically don’t vote along consistent party lines. They’re the “battleground states” that typically determine the election. In the last four elections, Wisconsin has gone back and forth between which political party wins the state’s electoral votes. It was reported that in the 2016 election, Republicans won the Badger state by only 23,000 votes – less than one percentage point. The election was decided by only a few thousand more votes than the number of UW-Madison students who chant U-Rah Rah in Camp Randall. Does that put into perspective how every vote in our state counts? 

Why young voters will decide this election

As a young voter, you can single-handedly determine the results of the 2020 Presidential election. In the 2016 election, about 75.6% of Wisconsinites voted and 45.6% of voters were ages 18-24. Holding the majority of Wisconsin’s votes, the youth vote is more impactful than ever because it has the ability to sway our state and decide the winner of the election. 

According to sources, only 19% of young voters turnout on Election Day in comparison to 49% of voters ages 45-64. It’s not only your right to vote, but also your privilege. As a youth voter, now is your chance to take the opportunity to elect the leaders and officials that are as concerned about your future as you are.  Instead, the chance to decide our next president only happens once every four years. Now is your chance to show up in numbers and advocate for yourself and your community’s wellbeing. Who would want to miss out on that?