Recurring Monthly Payments

Our recurring monthly credit card program is designed to be a convenience for our Campus Affiliate and Community members. This page outlines the full details and requirements for the program. If you have additional questions, please email us prior to making your purchase.

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What is the recurring monthly membership/locker/pass and how does it work?

The recurring monthly membership/locker/pass is paid by credit card. Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase for a prorated amount of the remaining days in the current month. Your credit card will then be charged each month until you cancel. One automatic renewal charge is required before cancellation.

What can I purchase using this payment option? 

Rec Well memberships, lockers, towel service, and group fitness passes may be purchased using recurring monthly credit card payments.

When will I see the charge posted to my credit card statement?

You should see the monthly charge posted to your credit card statement between the 1st and 10th of each month. If you purchase multiple items such as a locker, membership, towel service, and group fitness pass, these will show as four separate payments on your monthly statement.

Will I receive a receipt each month?

Our system does not automatically send receipts. If you need one for insurance purposes, please email us. Our staff can provide a document showing all of your monthly recurring payments.

Is it secure?

Yes. A secure token is saved in our payment processing system so the credit card can be charged each month. We do not have access to your credit card information.

How do I enroll in the recurring monthly membership/locker/pass?

Campus Affiliates and Community may enroll online or at the Bakke Recreation & Wellbeing Center, Nicholas Recreation Center, or Nielsen Tennis Stadium. Please review the eligibility requirements on our memberships page.

How often do I have to renew?

All items purchased using the monthly recurring payment option have no end date. Items will be automatically renewed until you have submitted a cancellation form.

How do I update my credit card to a new card (due to an expiring credit card or lost/stolen card)?

Follow these steps to update your credit card for a recurring monthly membership/locker/pass. If you have issues while attempting to update your card, please email us at If card is no longer valid and not updated prior to the monthly billing, a declined payment will result in membership/pass cancellation effective immediately (member will receive an email). Locker will also be subject to cancellation; member will receive an email with 3 days’ notice to correct decline prior to locker cancellation.

  1. Log in to Member Portal (top right Log In button)
  2. Click username in top right
  3. Click “Profile”
  4. Select “Saved Payment Info” on left-hand side menu (bottom option)
    1. Recurring payment card will be located here; click Update button
    2. Enter new card information & click SUBMIT
    3. A $1.00 authorization amount will show as pending on your new credit card; this will not post to your account

How do I cancel this payment option?

Monthly recurring payments are non-refundable/non-transferable.

After initial enrollment, one automatic billing charge is required before cancellation. After the 1st automatic billing charge, cancellations received by the last day of the current month will not be charged for the following month. For example, if you enroll on December 1 but wish to cancel at the end of December, you will be required to pay the January automatic billing charge, and your membership will continue through January. You may then cancel anytime in January to end all future charges.

All cancellations must be submitted using the Monthly Recurring Cancellation Form.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my monthly recurring membership?

Members can contact our member services team via email.