Experience flow and balance in a studio environment right on campus. Develop body awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance while you realign the body and cultivate a peaceful mind.

Workout mats are available, but we encourage you to bring your own yoga mat.



A combination of Yoga and Pilates with a fitness twist. Build strength, improve balance and body awareness, and increase flexibility.

A photo of a person in a yoga class at the Nick.


Ease your mind while improving flexibility, strength and body awareness. Incorporates varied methods such as Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.

A photo of people in a yoga class at the Nick

Yoga Strength

A yoga flow that incorporates elements of strength training using light dumbbells. Cultivate body awareness and develop flexibility while building strength!

A photo of an instructor for yoga classes at the Nick

Yoga for Stress Relief

Explore yoga postures and breathing techniques that promote muscular relaxation, stress reduction, and mental calmness.

People in a yoga class at the Nick


SUP Yoga

Apply your practice on Lake Mendota. All levels are welcome. We recommend coming in athletic wear or swimwear suitable for movement.

Not included in group fitness pass - registration required. No drop-ins allowed.

A photo of people doing stand up paddle board yoga

Terrace Yoga

Practice your sun salutations at the lakefront. Please bring your own yoga mat.

Not included in Group Fitness Pass. Registration is required - no drop-ins allowed.

A photo of people doing yoga at the memorial union terrace.