Rec Sports Opens New Performance Training Center

Alternative fitness space provides variety to workouts at Natatorium
In January, Rec Sports opened the doors to a brand new Performance Training Center (PTC) at the Natatorium, equipped with space for Olympic lifting, functional training, and overflow traffic from the cardio/weight room. In addition to creating more fitness space on campus, the PTC offers opportunities for individuals and small groups to vary their workouts with new equipment and new classes.
The PTC reflects the latest trends in fitness, in a safe environment monitored by USA Weightlifting Sports Performance coaches. “Much of the equipment requires full-body effort,” Corbin Ross, Fitness/Wellness Intern at Rec Sports, said. “Instead of the traditional weight or cardio room, the equipment in the PTC challenges the body toward performance-based fitness.” Members may now incorporate kettle bells, TRX, Olympic lifting, battle ropes, sled pushes, monkey bars, and rope climbing into their workouts.
Rec Sports hopes to create a space where members can come and learn from others, while trying new things, Ross said. The PTC’s emphasis remains on personal progress and performance, regardless of fitness level. “I am able to gain better technique for various movements due to the helpful and knowledgeable staff,” Jasmine Giles, a Wisconsin alum and current staff member in the School of Medicine, said.
Freshman Alejandro Hernandez added, “My goals right now are to beat my personal bests on certain lifts like deadlifting, squatting, and cleaning. This space allows me to go as heavy as I can on my lifts while maintaining safety.”
Access to the PTC is included in all Rec Sports memberships. “You couple the savings [from joining other gyms in town] with being able to go whenever I want, and the PTC has been an absolutely amazing opportunity for me,” Michael Behnke, a graduate student in the Actuarial Science program, said. “I have also met some awesome new people and coaches who like to push themselves in ways that only a place like this permits.”
Members of all ability levels are encouraged to experience the PTC, which is accessible throughout the day. Rec Sports provides a “workout of the day” for inspiration, but members are also able to create their own workout in the space. Participants interested in performing Olympic lifts are required to complete a two-part test-out process prior to lifting. More information about the PTC, including schedules and class descriptions, can be found the Rec Sports website at