#SoLongSERF Bucket List

It’s the final countdown. (Da na na na…) In case you missed it, the Southeast Recreational Facility (SERF) will be closing in less than two weeks. At the end of the day on Friday, August 18, we’ll say goodbye to the facility, as we mark the end of an era of walking up five flights to your fitness class, waiting in line to use the treadmill, walking back down five flights of stairs to go to the bathroom, and we’re sure tons of other memories in between.
We know it’s hard to believe, and that the SERF has been a facility where many friendships have started and lives have been changed by the magic of fitness… and sweat. But saying goodbye to the SERF means we’re one step closer to the new “SERF” and the future of recreation on campus. Which is something that should be celebrated!
So… let’s party.
On Wednesday, August 9, we’re kicking off a 10-day countdown on social media to celebrate what the SERF has meant to #activebadgers throughout the years. Think of it as a sort of “bucket list” of SERF-specific activities before we have to say goodbye. We want you to be a part of this SERF-abration (get it?), and trust us, you’ll want to be a part of it, too, when you hear about the prize.
Here’s what you need to know.
Follow @uwrecsports on Instagram and stay tuned for our daily challenge announcements. Each day of the campaign, we’ll ask you to post an activity at the SERF. Take a picture or video, post it on Instagram using #SoLongSERF, and tag @uwrecsports. That’s it! At the end of the campaign, we’ll pick one winner who has helped us say “So long!” to the SERF. Could it be you?
Here are the challenges:

  • Wednesday, August 9: SERF Selfie. Or should we say SERFie? Only a few more days to capture the “beauty” of this building. Snap a photo of you and the SERF!
  • Thursday, August 10: Even if basketball isn’t your favorite sport, and you just like the way they dribble up and down the court, this challenge was made for you! Post a photo or video of playing hoops and you’ll be entered to win.
  • Friday, August 11: Join us today for one final Group Fitness class at the SERF! Group Strength starts at 12:05pm, hopefully your arms won’t be too sore to take a picture.
  • Saturday, August 12: Futsal forever! It is a *goal* of ours to offer new opportunities for futsal aficionados, but for now, let’s score a few more times in the SERF basement. Need some inspiration? Use Boomerang to capture a “double header”. See what we did there?
  • Sunday, August 13: Love it or hate it, the indoor track at the SERF is a fun spot to get cardio in if you’re anti-treadmills. Show us how you run in circles (in the right direction, of course).
  • Monday, August 14: And then there was one. Sadly, when the SERF closes, we will be down to one pool. Let’s give the long-course lanes at 715 W. Dayton a proper goodbye shoutout. Just make sure your photo includes other swimmers who are aware that you’re snapping the shot!
  • Tuesday, August 15: Let’s take a second to remember the winter days spent waiting outside in the cold for the ID checker to swipe faster. Take a photo or video on your way into the SERF to enter today’s challenge!
  • Wednesday, August 16: It’s the final stretch before the SERF closes! Make it count with a mat selfie during your cool-down at the SERF. Or is it time to bring back planking?
  • Thursday, August 17: Do you know how many stairs separate you from the top floor of the SERF? Take a walk and show us how you get your workout in before even hitting the Cardio Room.
  • Friday, 8/18: The final day of the SERF. For one last goodbye, thank a student employee and say goodbye to the building!

Eye on the Prize
So, what’s in it for you? We thought you’d never ask. We’ll be picking one lucky winner when the challenge is over, and they will win a REC SPORTS SWAG BAG! This includes:

  • An #activebadger t-shirt
  • A Rec Sports water bottle
  • Semester Intramural Sports Pass
  • Single-entry Group Fitness Pass
  • And more!

Even though we can only pick one winner, in the end, everyone will really win when we open a brand new, state-of-the-art facility. The new “SERF” will be worth the wait, with four times the amount of fitness space, double the amount of basketball courts, a competition pool with diving well, and so much more! Check out the plans here. Need a refresher on the whole Master Plan? We got you.