What are Active Badgers thankful for this holiday season?

This time of year can be very busy as midterms wrap up and finals approach, so we like to remember what’s good in our lives and take a minute to be grateful. Expressing gratitude can increase physical and psychological health by improving self-esteem, helping you sleep better, and opening the door to new relationships. We interviewed participants throughout our facilities to find out what they’re thankful for this giving season. Check out these #ThankfulBadgers below!

Some Badgers were thankful for Rec Well programming:

“We’re thankful for Raquel’s Zumba class!”
-Lauren, First Year Student studying Art and Emma, Fourth Year Student studying History and English Literature

“I’m thankful for Intramural Soccer!”
-Allison, Fourth Year Student studying Biochemistry and Math

“I’m thankful for the people behind Recreation & Wellbeing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for always setting up such great Intramural Sports to keep Badgers healthy and active.”
-David, Fourth Year Student studying Computer Engineering

“I am thankful for our sport clubs here at UW that give our student-athlete Badgers an opportunity to play the sports they love.”
-Collin, Third Year Student studying Industrial Engineering


A few were thankful to be on this amazing campus:

Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison

“I’m thankful for the university water fountains. We actually have really good water here compared to a lot of other facilities and I think that’s something that goes unnoticed.”
-Kia, Fourth Year Student studying Journalism

“I’m thankful for everything in my life: my family, my friends, and being here in the US as an international student.”
-Rhyon, Second Year Student studying Actuarial Science


And others were thankful for their support systems of family and friends:

“I am thankful for all the friends I’ve made through playing sports here at UW-Madison.”
-Brody, Fifth Year Student studying Civil Engineering

“I’m thankful for the life that my parents provided for me.”
-Qianhui, Masters Student studying Agricultural & Applied Economics

“I’m thankful for my incredible support system through the UW, my family, and my friends.”
-Emma, Fourth Year Student studying Accounting and Economics

“I am thankful for all my friends that I have gained throughout the years that help me push to be a better person every day.”
-Ellie, Fourth Year Student studying Retail & Consumer Behavior

These are just a few of the many #ThankfulBadgers on campus. What are you thankful for this holiday season?