Our commitment to action

Being an Active Badger is about more than being physically active. It extends beyond the walls of our facilities and sidelines of a field. It’s more than lifting weights or running around a track. And it requires more than just thoughts and prayers.⁠

It’s about taking action to show up for ourselves, our community, and our world. ⁠

Our team met this week to start the conversation about race, privilege, and justice for George Floyd, but it doesn’t end there. We need systemic change. ⁠

We started by pausing our own content on social media to amplify the stories, voices, and expertise of the Black community, and will continue to do so. Because Black Lives Matter.⁠

Our internal committee on Engagement, Inclusion, and Diversity scheduled recurring biweekly meetings for our staff to review educational resources and discuss as a group. The first we reviewed were these TED Talks: The Power of Privilege: Tiffany Jana and What Beyoncé Taught Me about Race: Brittany Barron.

This is just a start. We commit to continuing this work.

If you’re looking for support or resources, here is a short list we have compiled:

Campus and community resources:

Educational resources on anti-racism and social justice: