Voting 101 – Everything you need to know

Voting is a key way you can promote your civic wellbeing. Your participation in this midterm election is an opportunity to engage in your community, and improve your physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Now, is a great time to make your plan to vote.

What’s on the Ballot

Tony Evers / Sara Rodriguez (Democratic)
Tim Michels / Roger Roth (Republican)
Joan Ellis Beglinger (Independent)

Attorney General
Josh Kaul (Democratic)
Eric Toney (Republican)

Secretary of State
Doug La Follette (Democratic)
Amy Lynn Loudenbeck (Republican)
Neil Harmon (Libertarian)
Sharyl R. McFarland (Wisconsin Green Party)

State Treasurer
Aaron Richardson (Democratic)
John S. Leiber (Republican)
Andrew Zuelke (Constitution)

United States Senator
Mandela Barnes (Democratic)
Ron Johnson (Republican)

House Representative
Mark Pocan (Democratic)
Erik Olson (Republican)
Douglas Alexander (Term Limits on Congress)

State Assembly Representative
Francesca Hong (Democratic)

Kalvin Barrett (Democratic)
Anthony D. Hamilton (Republican)

Clerk of Circuit Court
Carlo Esqueda (Democratic)

Vote Early Now!

In-person absentee voting and voter registration is open now through November 4 at Memorial Union and Union South from 11am – 5pm. Here’s are a couple things you should know first

1. Register To Vote. Check to see if you are registered. If you are registering in-person, remember to bring a valid ID and proof of address, such as a Voter Enrollment Verification letter.

2. Have your correct ID. Valid forms of Voter IDs in Wisconsin must include photo identification. Acceptable forms include a Wisconsin driver’s license, a Wisconsin state ID, U.S. passport, U.S. Uniformed Services card, Veterans Affairs ID, tribal ID or Certificate of Naturalization.

Students who do not have one of the previous forms of ID can obtain a valid Voter ID at You must print out and sign it for in-person voting.

3. Double check you have everything you need. Check out the following interactive tool from Badgers Vote at to confirm you have everything you need to make sure your voice is heard.

Election Day Voting

On Tuesday, November 8, to vote in-person you must vote at your assigned polling location, which can be found on My Vote Wisconsin. If you are not registered, don’t worry, you can register at the polls! Polls will close at 8:00 pm; if you are in line by that time you will still get to vote.

The Nick is a voting site for multiple student districts including Wards 50, 54, and 55 on Election Day.

All polling places must be accessible to voters with disabilities. This includes the ability to vote from the curb if you have difficulty waiting in line due to health or mobility issues. If you need assistance to ensure that you are able to vote, visit the Clerk’s Office site to see what you can expect at the polls.