Sport Club Banquet 2023

The following individuals and sport clubs have been nominated for awards. The Sport Club Banquet was held on held on April 26 at Union South. Winners in each category are designated in bold.

New Member of the Year

Aerene Lim – Volleyball (W)
Alex Reinke – Volleyball (M)
Andreas Bacheler – Soccer (M)
Carson Gunderson – Ice Hockey (M)
Cleo Whitney – Irish Dance
Delanie Fayerweather – Fastpitch Softball
Ethan Weinstein – Fencing
Gena Dockery – Ultimate (W)
Jesse Ijiwola – Volleyball (M)
Kate Murray – Competitive Cheer
Mari Garey – Lacrosse (W)
Naomi Brown – Field Hockey
Nathan Lawton – Volleyball (M)
Oliver Held – Rugby (M)
Olivia Haines – Competitive Cheer
Patrick Akers – Volleyball (M)
Ryan Haynes – Volleyball (M)
Summer Srodulski – Basketball (W)

Athlete of the Year

Aerene Lim – Volleyball (W)
Becca Schauer – Basketball (W)
Callum Jones – Rugby (M)
Elizabeth Chialdikas – Fastpitch Softball
Ian Barbour – Ice Hockey (M)
Jesse Ijiwola – Volleyball (M)
Lane Burke – Competitive Cheer
Masón Morrow – Soccer (M)
Mimi Marino – Ultimate (W)
Nathan Chung – Volleyball (M)
Nathan Lawton – Volleyball (M)
Rachel Nossen – Basketball (W)

Outstanding Individual of the Year

Ali Omar – Water Polo (M)
Bridget McGreevy – Field Hockey
Courtney Wayland – Lacrosse (W)
Erin Rice – Basketball (W)
Ethan Rosler – Badminton
Garrett Byrd – Ice Hockey (M)
Grace Satori – Fastpitch Softball
Gracie Brandt-Fontaine – Ultimate (W)
Grant Walker – Volleyball (M)
Isa Hayde – Volleyball (W)
Jenna Ott – Competitive Cheer
Kate Rasmussen – Fencing
Lane Burke – Competitive Cheer
Mae Hurtado-Thiele – Field Hockey
Mia Warren – Competitive Cheer
Serenity Tario – Archery
Summer Srodulski – Basketball (W)

Community Service Event of the Year

Walk for Alzheimer’s – Basketball (W)

Fundraiser of the Year

7 Iron Social Fundraiser Event – Volleyball (M)
Free-Throw-A-Thon – Basketball (W)
High School Cheer Clinic – Competitive Cheer
Stunt Clinic – Competitive Cheer

Social Media of the Year

Basketball (W)
Competitive Cheerleading
Ice Hockey (M)
Rugby (M)
Volleyball (M)
Water Ski & Wakeboard

Club of the Year

Track Club