Eat Well at Gordon Dining and Events Center

by Lindsey Tomsak
Who says eating healthy in the dining hall has to be difficult? We met with Marcy Braun, a UHS dietitian, to get tips on how to eat healthy in Gordon Commons.


Yogurt bar
Mix some granola, fruit, nuts, and whatever else your heart desires into some yogurt from the yogurt bar. Go with Greek yogurt for an extra protein boost!
Toast + peanut butter
On days when you snoozed a few too many times and you’re in a rush, grab some bread, toast it up, and spread some peanut butter on it. Add a side of fruit, and you’ll be good to go.
Eggs and omelets
Eggs are great no matter how you eat them. Scramble them, make them over-easy, or eat them as an omelet. Throw some veggies into the omelet for a great healthy meal. Pro tip: to same some fats and calories.


Salad + some protein
Just eating a salad with dressing is not a complete meal. Add in some chicken, however, and you’ll be good to go with protein.  Some other great salad topping options are avocado and nuts.
Grilled chicken sandwich
A grilled chicken sandwich is a great healthy meal. Remember, eating healthy is about balance, so don’t be afraid to add a side of fries once in a while.
Whole grain pasta
If you don’t see any whole grain pasta out, just ask – there is often some available.  The healthiest sauce is marinara – it has less fat and calories, and has more nutritional value. Add some protein and veggies for a fully balanced meal.

General Nutrition

Balance is key
Allow yourself to have those delicious waffles for breakfast once in a while without feeling guilty about it. Have fries if you’re craving them, but maybe grab a grilled chicken sandwich rather than a burger. Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t overdo it. 
Protein, fats, and carbs
A really nutritious meal should include some protein, fat, and carb. Having a mix of these in every meal will give you the energy you need to make it through class, a long day of studying, or a rigorous workout. Enjoy those carbs and the energy they give you, but try to make the majority of them healthy ones.
Whole grains
There is no need to eat only whole grains, but about half of the grains you eat should be whole. Grab some whole grain granola, oatmeal, or bread to add to your meal.
We hope this will help all of you live a healthier lifestyle while living in the dorms and eating in the dining hall. Thank you to Marcy Braun for the excellent tips!