Workout for two!

In the spirit of love and Valentine’s Day, today’s blog is focused on fun partner workouts that you and your significant other or friend can do together.  Studies have shown that working out with someone else can actually improve your workout! The rate of people who drop out of a routine significantly decreases and we become more motivated to succeed when working out with someone else. (And let’s be honest, it’s way more enjoyable.)


So, let’s talk about some exercises that are great for partners!

1. Runaway love. Go for a run to Picnic Point or a bike ride to the Monona Terrace for a romantic and scenic cardio session!

2. Pass it back. Tone your legs in a wall sit and pass a weighted medicine ball back and forth with your partner.

3. Push your partner! Start across from each other in a push-up position. Lower your body down to the ground, and when you come back up, high five each other before going into the next push-up! (Bonus points if you can give them a high TEN!)

4. Do the twist. As one of you holds a medicine ball, sit back-to-back with your partner and lift your feet off the ground a few inches. Twist to one side and hand them the medicine ball, then twist back to the other side to receive the ball back from them.

5. Love to the core. Sit across from each other with your toes touching, laying down on the ground. One person holds a medicine ball over their head, both partners do a sit up and the person with the ball hands it to the other partner. Both partners lay back down and repeat the sit up.

6. Simple and sweet. Go to the weight room with a friend and spot them as they lift weights. You can motivate each other to do that last rep!

Spread the love this week by dragging someone with you to try some of these new moves!


Recipe: Chocolate covered strawberries

You can buy specific chocolates (baker’s dipping chocolate) to make it easy or just melt dark chocolate chips. Before you let the chocolate harden, roll the strawberries in almond or coconut shavings for added flavor and protein. Dark chocolate is key because it is filled with antioxidants and the strawberries pack a punch with vitamins C and E. Put the strawberries on a baking sheet and cool in the fridge to enjoy later!

Happy Valentine’s Day, #ActiveBadgers!