#ActiveBadger Spotlight: Emily W.

This week’s #ActiveBadger spotlight features a badger who will definitely set your gears in motion!  Emily W. is a spin instructor at the SERF and the NAT. Outside of cycling, you can catch this former D-1 athlete killing it in the weight room and attending other Group Fitness classes. She has some pretty great advice when it comes to setting goals too! Keep reading to see what Emily has to say…
What is your current status at UW-Madison and what are you going to school for?
I am a junior studying Animal Science/pre vet.

What Group Fitness classes do you teach and which is your favorite to teach?
I am a spin instructor teaching classes at the SERF and Nat, including Cinema Spin. This semester I have teamed up with collegiate athletes. I teach one class per week for the Wisconsin Swimming & Diving team.
How long have you been with Rec Sports?
This is my second semester as a spin instructor.
Have you always been passionate about fitness?
Fitness is my escape. I live and breathe it. I previously played softball as a Division 1 athlete at Northern Illinois for  two seasons before I transferred here to Madison. I have played sports like volleyball and softball my entire life. If you don’t see me teaching a class, you can find me in the weight room.
What is your favorite song to work out to?
Lil John- Outta your mind ft. LMFAO. Gets me pumped every time!!!
Do you do any fitness activities outside of Rec Sports?
You can count on seeing me 6 out of 7 days in the weight room. I do enjoy attending other Group Fitness classes like Zumba. I play sand volleyball to stay active during the summer.
Name some healthy foods you love.
I love eating fresh produce and meat! Throughout the week I eat a lot of chicken, rice, veggies, wraps, and protein smoothies!
What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?
Dark chocolate is definitely my guilty pleasure. Every night after dinner, I open the fridge and treat my sweet tooth!
What is your favorite muscle group to work and exercises to go with it?
Shoulders and biceps! Shoulder press, bent over lateral raises, one arm cable lateral raises, hammer curl, incline inner bicep curl.
What advice would you give to students in order to motivate them to make healthy choices?
Set small, measurable goals that will help with your overall goals. Find something you enjoy and are comfortable with to improve your fitness goals but also don’t be afraid to try new things!
Stay tuned for next week’s spotlight!