Let's Get Technical

It seems like everyone has a smart phone these days, but you might not think about the power this device can have on your fitness and health.  Some apps on the market can add great value to your gym routine.  I have used apps for all things fitness including run tracking, short workouts or food logging.
Today, I am going to show you a few of my favorites:
Run Tracking Apps.

These types of apps are great if you have a goal in mind for running a certain amount of miles per week or month because it makes it easy to track your progress. My favorite is the Nike+ Run Club app. This app will count miles, pace and estimate calories burned for every run. You can unlock little trophies and achievements for a multitude of events such as running on holidays, running a certain amount of miles per month, running early or running more than once a day. You can race friends that also have the app. (For those of you who love a competition!) It also includes a coach setting that creates plans to help you train for any race from a 5K to a marathon. It is good at tracking what you need while also giving you the little extra motivation.
Workout Apps.
The Nike Training Club app has a bunch of different workouts that range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes long. You can choose a level from beginner to advanced and can select whole body workouts or an exercise specific to a certain muscle group. These are great for fast in-home workouts if you don’t have much time or space. Options include circuit drills, bodyweight workouts, exercises using basic weights, yoga and stretching. This app includes a coaching option, too, which can help you set a goal date and the app will generate all the workouts you need to do when (and it even adds in cardio for you!) It also sends reminders daily for those of you who need extra motivation. (Don’t we all.)
Food Logging Apps.

The MyFitnessPal app is a great way to track what you eat for a multitude of reasons. It helps you to stay accountable and be more mindful of what you are putting in your body. You can manually enter the food or scan the barcode on the box and the nutrient list will pop up in the app. (The future is here, people.) Once you enter food and water it will tell you a breakdown based on calories and nutrients, which is helpful if you want to see your intake of carbohydrates, fats or proteins.
So, go clear some storage for your health and try out one of these apps. Play Hard, Get Fit and Live Well Badgers!