R-E-L-A-X It's Finals

With the end of the semester comes a mountain of homework, papers, and exams, which can makes these next few weeks very stressful. However, have no fear, there are many ways to combat the stress that comes along with finals!
SLEEP. I know you hate to admit it, but your mom was right. Going to bed and waking up early to finish studying is actually a better way to retain information since your brain processes information and creates memories best when you are asleep. It also allows your body to not feel tired and sluggish and it will help fight off illness. (And the urge to fall asleep while reading notes.)
Fresh air. It can be tempting to lock yourself away in the library studying like mad, but it’s also important to take a break. Whether this means sitting outside for a few minutes or taking a walk, it is always good to get up and remind yourself that there is a world outside of the books this week. (Mother Nature, if you’re reading this, please stop the rain.)
Eat well. Or at least as well as you can. When the body is stressed out, it reacts in a fight or flight manner, which can cause it to need extra nutrients and calories to maintain the high level of awareness. Eating healthy foods such as lean meats, fish, fruits, and veggies can fill you up with better nutrients and keep you full longer.
Play Hard. Get Fit. Have you heard? We offer free Group Fitness classes during finals week! (And it’s called Stress Relief Week, of course.) You can put in a great stress-busting HIIT workout or do a relaxing yoga session, just bring yourself and your Wiscard! Not only will you relax the body and relieve stress, but exercise also helps you focus more on studying once you return to your notes!
Moral of the story? Try not to stress these next two weeks. Give yourself time to be away from the books to allow your body to relax and recharge. Finals will be over soon and then it will be SUMMER! Study hard (and then relax hard), Badgers!