The 2018 Survey Results Are In

Every year we ask our members to tell us what they think of our programs, services, and facilities. With a thousand survey results this year, 90% of respondents said that Rec Sports has improved their quality of life on campus, 95% said they’d recommend Rec Sports to a friend, and 88% said Rec Sports has helped them improve their mental well being. (Yay!) However, since we believe there’s always room for improvement, here are some changes we are making based on the survey feedback to enhance our members’ Rec Sports experiences this year.
Hello, easier intramural sports registration.
Many of our respondents told us that IMLeagues, our current intramural sports registration software, can be difficult to navigate. We hear you. That’s why we are working to find a better software to use in the future that will help make registration easier. Play on!
Goodbye, dusty floors.
While most of our respondents said the cleanliness of their favorite facility meets their expectations, some told us that the first floor yoga room in the Natatorium often feels quite dusty. Nobody wants to chaturanga in a dirty room, so our Facility Attendants and Student Custodians will be giving Room 1065 some extra love and sweeping it more often.

Equipment safety first.
With so many #ActiveBadgers on campus, our facilities see heavy traffic and our equipment gets a lot of use. This has been especially true since the SERF closed. More than half of our respondents said they now use the Natatorium most frequently. Because of this, we are taking extra steps to keep our facilities and equipment in good, safe condition. This includes making sure worn-out equipment is being replaced as necessary.
Keeping you in the know.
Possibly one of the worst feelings is getting to your favorite facility only to find out it’s closed for the day. We get it. Between all of the university’s special events and different holidays throughout the year, these facility closures can sneak up. To make sure you are always in the know, look out for our emails throughout the year with heads ups for upcoming facility closures.
big thank you to all of our members who responded to the 2018 survey! Your feedback is extremely important and helps us create the best possible experience for our members. If you missed the survey or have anything else you think we should know about, please feel free to leave your feedback with us here.