New and improved intramural dodgeball

The five commandments of dodgeball will forever be dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge, but we’ve restructured the way intramural dodgeball is played and scored this season. These changes are designed to make the game more fun, competitive, fair, and convenient.
Less arguing.
In the past, players were asked to call the game themselves, sometimes resulting in disagreements between teams. This season, we will have an official at each game helping to enforce rules and outs.
More games.
Games will still be 6-v-6, but instead of two teams facing off in a best-of-five series, there will now be three teams per court. Each of these three teams will play each of the other two teams three times for a total of nine games per court, six per team. These game sessions will last roughly 45 minutes over the course of one night.
In-depth and precise scoring.
Instead of only counting wins and losses, we will now be using a points-based system. The speed of victory/defeat, as well as the number of players left on each side at game’s end, will be counted towards a total point score. This system (pictured below) also includes point deductions for forfeits and technical fouls.
Don’t worry about missing games.
Since we know that stuff happens and people can’t always make every game, we’ve instituted a new “Nomad Rule” for dodgeball and a few other intramural sports this season. This is designed to help teams avoid defaults and fees by allowing individuals with a Semester or Year Intramural Sports Pass to serve as substitutes. If your team is under the minimum number of players on the night in question, then a substitute may be used. Sign-up knowing that your team can still play even when a player down with the help of friendly nomad.
Get in the zone.
Defensive, attacking, and neutral zones are also being added to the court to keep games moving. The neutral zone is not a safe space–you are still out if you are hit–but either team can go into the neutral zone for balls at any time. With one minute remaining in games, the attacking zone comes into play, as your team may then go up to the edge of the opposing team’s defensive zone to get closer shots. Check out the diagram below to see for yourself.

More convenient game times.
We have scheduled games earlier, with 7:30pm, 8:15pm, and 9pm options this season. 18 teams will play per night, and your team must be free for all of the time slots on the night you select. You will only end up staying for about 45 minutes, but you could be given any of the start times on the chosen night.
We hope that these changes will make intramural dodgeball more enjoyable, fast-paced, and convenient for you this season. Register your team here today!