Get to Know Rec Sports

Welcome to campus, new #ActiveBadgers! We hope your semester is off to a strong start. Now that you’ve found your lecture halls, bought your textbooks, and read your syllabi, it’s time to learn about another important part of college life: being physically active. Staying active on campus is not only essential to your physical health but it can also improve mental wellbeing and help you feel more connected to campus. Thankfully, here at Rec Sports we offer many opportunities to be active so whether you were a star athlete in high school, are looking to live a more active lifestyle, or can find yourself anywhere in between, we have something for you.

As a student, you have access to cardio and weight equipment at any of our indoor facilities. Aside from Open Rec we offer plenty of other opportunities designed for all fitness levels. A variety of Group Fitness classes are offered every day and are an excellent opportunity to re-energize throughout the week. If you prefer to work out in a smaller group, the Mind-Body Studio’s specialized yoga classes or our personal trainers may be more your style. Or, check out the Performance Training Center for climbing ropes, power sleds, and more.
We offer two types of opportunities to play sports on campus: Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs. Intramural Sports teams are formed by students and play against other teams on campus once a week. There are no required practices and you can choose from leagues with different levels of competitiveness. Every sport has playoffs at the end of the season and the winning team earns one of our iconic Intramural Sports Champion T-Shirts. Sport Clubs, on the other hand, will play or compete against other schools. Some practices and weekend travel are often required and many teams also hold tryouts. Both Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs allow you to play or compete, meet new people, try a new sport, or compete in a favorite.

Instructional Programs.
Whether you’re looking to learn how to play a new sport or to earn a new certification, look no further. We offer beginner to intermediate classes for learning to swim, ice skate, or play tennis so you can start looking like a pro in the pool, on the ice, and on the court. You can also take many certification courses with us right on campus including the ACE Personal Trainer Exam Prep Course, American Red Cross CPR and Aquatics Courses, Olympic Weightlifting, and Scuba Diving.
We have so many things going on around campus, so where should you go to be a part of it all? As a student you have access to all four of our indoor facilities (and three outdoor spaces) no matter where you are living on campus. Use this handy tool below to decide which facility you should go to for your favorite activity:

No matter what your fitness style there is a way for you to take advantage of our facilities and programs on campus. Make sure that between classes, studying, and student organizations you give yourself some time to unwind and recharge by being active. Whatever that may mean for you, we will see you there, #ActiveBadgers!