7 Things You Have to do Before You Graduate

In your time at UW-Madison, you’ll probably make it up Bascom Hill a few times, visit the Terrace once or twice (or 5,000 times) and find the best study spots. Here is a list of seven things you might not have thought of but definitely need to add to your Bucky list before you graduate.

1. Play ping pong at the Shell.

We recommend incorporating some dynamic stretches to your pre-game ritual – those ping pong rallies can get intense.


2. Take the (Fitness) Trail less traveled.

Visiting Picnic Point is a must for every Badger – and so is the Fitness Trail! Just take Lakeshore Path to discover the nine stations. Each has unique equipment to target specific muscle groups. Whether you’re looking for a great tricep workout, full body workout, or want to prove you’re still a monkey bar champ, there’s a station for you. See how each station works or plan your path along the map here.

3. Work out with Bucky at Camp Randall.

You’ve jumped around inside Camp Randall before. But have you jump-squatted there before? Celebrate the end of the semester with a fun and dynamic workout led by Rec Sports fitness instructors and none other than Buckingham E. Badger himself. All UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students are invited and all fitness levels are welcome! Learn more about Bucky’s Workout here.

4. Go on a cheese curd crawl.

Photo by TripSavvy

It’s the one question you can’t leave Madison without answering: Where are the best cheese curds? Pick a few contenders along State Street, along the Capitol Square or off the beaten path along Willy Street and see which curds take the title. Or, if cheese curds aren’t your thing, see which local spots have the best appetizers to share.

5. Up your pick-up game.

Head to Shell for a game of pick-up with your friends. Or, if the weather’s nice enough, start a game at the courts outside Sellery in Southeast or Cole in Lakeshore.

6. Dine in.

Eating at the dining hall is a timeless university tradition. Grab your crew and hit up your favorite spot or, if you’re an upperclassman, find your freshman year floormates and reminisce about your first-year adventures! Check the University Housing calendar for special menus coming up, like the Pasta Dinner or National Grilled Cheese Day.

7. Take a Zumba class.

Or Cycling. Or Powerflow. Or Tabata Core. Whichever your preference, our Group Fitness schedule has it! Enjoy all Group Fitness classes for free during Stress Relief Week, May 4 – 10.

What would you add to your Bucky list? Tag us in photos of you completing these Bucky list items or your own challenges on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our social media.