Grocery Stores Near Campus for Healthy Food Options

Madison is lucky to have so many delicious takeout and quick bite options around campus. But, this can also make it tempting and a bit too easy to grab a pizza or a burger and fries when you need quick meal. Stocking up your dorm or apartment with plenty of healthy options is a great way to help you curb these cravings (and help your out wallet too). For the best places stock up on some healthy groceries, look no further! Here are 12 grocery stores near campus that carry plenty of options for healthy meals and snacks.

1. Fresh Madison Market // Open 7am-midnight

2. Capitol Centre Market // Open 24-hours

3. Trader Joe’s // Open 8am-9pm

4. Regent Market Co-op // Open 8am-9pm

5. Whole Foods Market // Open 7:30am-10pm

6. Pick ‘n Save // Open 6am-11pm

7. Metcalfe’s Market // Open 6am-midnight

8. Festival Foods // Open 6am-11pm

9. Willy Street Co-op // Open 7:30am-9:30pm

10. Asian Midway Foods // 9am-9pm

If you’re looking to just grab a quick healthy snack on your walk to class, check out a Flamingo Run location on campus.

Flamingo Run can be found at:

1. Carson’s Market

2. Four Lakes Market

3. Gordon Dining and Event Center

4. Rheta’s Market