Stay connected with the MyWellness app

An image of a phone with the MyWellness app on the screen; plus the MyWellness logo

Are you looking to track workouts, measure results, and stay better connected to our offerings? There’s an app for that! 

We recently introduced MyWellness by Technogym, a free app loaded with features that allow you to: 

  • Record daily exercises
  • Link your fitness trackers, such as FitBit, to your account
  • Track calories burned, distance ran, and other movements
  • Monitor your progress by recording body composition, heart rate, and more

Other features on the app include: 

Workouts of the day
Our personal trainers have created programs that you can access through the app – even if you’re not a personal training client. There are two separate workout tracks available each week: Program A occurs Monday, Wednesday, Friday while Program B occurs Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. To prepare you for your next workout, there are also programs for you to complete on rest days to help improve mobility, flexibility, and recovery. These options allow you to choose which track works best for your schedule.

Personal training
For a more individualized experience, you can sign up for personal training through the app. Our personal trainers are nationally-certified and can coach you through individualized programs to help you achieve your goals. The personal training registration button on your MyWellness homepage will take you to our website where you can fill out the linked interest form. Within 48 hours, you’ll be matched with a personal trainer who will reach out and set up your first appointment to discuss training services and fitness testing. Visit our website for more information on personal training.

Easy access to other offerings
On the app, you can directly access our YouTube channel and website. On YouTube, you’ll find a content library filled with physical and mental wellbeing strategies, educational fitness content, on-demand workouts, and much more. You can also use the app to register for group fitness classes.The class schedule can be found on the homepage of the MyWellness app or our website.

How to join MyWellness

  1. Click here to create an account using your web browser.
  2. Download the mobile app here, or search “mywellness” in the iOS or Google Play app store.
  3. After the app is downloaded, use the in-app QR scanner in the upper right hand corner of the screen to scan the QR code below from your computer screen.

A screenshot from the MyWellness app home page, with a red arrow and circle pointing to a QR code reader in the upper right hand corner A QR code for the MyWellness app










After you scan this code, it will take you to an example workout. Now you’re ready to access the app! 

After linking to our facility, your MyWellness app should look similar to the images below:

A screenshot of the MyWellness app A screenshot from the MyWellness app

A screenshot from the MyWellness app










If you ever have any questions regarding MyWellness or any of our fitness programs and services, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.