Athletic Trainers: A Bridge Between Recreation & Healthcare

Group of affiliate athletic trainers in AT room.
Madi is featured second from the right.

My name is Madi Sehmer, and I am a PhD student in the Wisconsin Injury in Sport Laboratory here at UW-Madison. I am also a certified and licensed athletic trainer, and provide athletic training services to those who attend UW-Madison out of the Nicholas Recreation Center. 

I love working for UHS and Rec Well because through these organizations, I am able to provide access to athletic training healthcare for students who may not traditionally have access to our services, free of charge. I see all different types of injuries, from acute ankle sprains that happen during my shift, to chronic low back pain that has persisted for years. My favorite part about being an athletic trainer is educating my patients on their injury and helping them through the rehabilitation process. I love scheduling follow up appointments to make sure they are progressing with their treatment, and changing up their rehabilitation exercises to keep it fun and interesting. 

Group photo of athletic trainers.
Rec Well affiliate athletic trainers.

If you schedule an appointment with me, get ready for a workout because I always make sure my patients are using proper form when performing their exercises by demonstrating and observing. From diagnosis to treatment to recovery, athletic trainers are cheering you on every step of the way, and that is how we play a role in maintaining the wellbeing of students on campus. 

Athletic trainers are a great first resource for those with musculoskeletal injuries and are experts in deciding what the next steps in a patient’s care may be, whether that is continued rehabilitation with us or referring out to other medical professionals. Additionally, we get to treat patients that were referred to us by the amazing physicians at UHS. Through this referral process, we act as a bridge between UHS and Rec Well to collaboratively provide the best care possible for those at UW-Madison.