Youth Lessons

We know choices today become our habits tomorrow. That’s why we offer a variety of programs for Jr. Active Badgers to start building an active lifestyle now. Whether it’s time for your little one to get more comfortable on the ice or you want them to start developing sport skills, we can help.

In order to register your child for our youth lessons, you will need to add them as a dependent to your account. For step-by-step instructions on how to do so, please click the button below.

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Due to COVID-19, youth programs are currently unavailable.

Start Smart

With their parent, each child will build basic motor skills, connect with peers, and develop self-confidence in a new sport.

Black and white photo of a young girl grinning widely and holding a blue foam ball close to her face with both hands. She is wearing an oversized Rec Well T-shirt and is standing in a gymnasium

Young Athletes

A Special Olympics program introducing basic sport skills to children with and without intellectual disabilities.

Black and white image of a young child smiling as he goes through a hoop on a playground.

Ice Skating

Jr. Active Badgers can learn the basics of ice skating with personalized attention during private lessons.

Black and white photo of three young boys on standing on ice skates in an ice rink during their skating lessons.


With personalized private lessons, participants will learn to "love" the game while building skills on the court. Group lessons coming soon.

Black and white photo of a smiling young girl holding up a tennis racquet and watching a tennis ball that is in the air moving towards her