Why you NEED to visit Bakke Recreation & Wellbeing Center (again)

So much has happened since we opened the Bakke Recreation & Wellbeing Center’s door in April 2023. At that time, you could go for a spin around the Sub-Zero Ice Center, shoot hoops in the multi-purpose courts, and try out all the strength and cardio equipment. While we were excited to show you the building even though some of the special features weren’t up and running yet, we can’t wait for you to try out all the other special features Bakke has as well.

Over the summer, all of these amenities got fine tuned and are now ready for you to experience them. We can’t wait to welcome you back on September 3, with our special Welcome Bakke event to experience every aspect of this building. 

Here’s some of what we recommend you check out: 

Mt. Mendota 

Our climbing wall, Mt. Mendota, reaches 32 feet tall and the bouldering portion is 13 feet tall, for a combined 1,900 square feet and eight lanes of climbing surface. This space has beautiful floor to ceiling windows allowing for panoramic views of lake Mendota and the Lakeshore Path. More importantly, this space is filled with some of the most fun and inviting student staff. Whether you climb regularly or not at all, you can have a fantastic time at Mt. Mendota! 

The Cove Pool

The Cove Pool is distinct from our pool located at the Nicholas Recreation Center (Soderholm Family Aquatic Center). This 25-yard recreational pool is perfect for a casual swim or taking a swim lesson. With a more shallow depth, muted color scheme and soft lighting, Cove Pool is very much its own oasis. It’s a great place to try open rec swimming so come take a dip!

Skybox Suites Sports Simulators

Have you ever wanted to play a few rounds of golf, make a couple soccer goals, and then finish off your day by taking out some zombies with a dodgeball? Well, this and much more is all an option in our Skybox Suite Sports Simulators. With Wisconsin’s somewhat temperamental weather, these simulators offer a great chance for you to take a swing all year long. Also, bring some friends and relax in the lounge area and watch some game play. This is a great spot to meet some new friends and let loose.

Wolf Teaching Kitchen 

Find yourself making the same five dishes over and over again? Spice up your cooking routine with classes at the Wolf Teaching Kitchen! There will be classes of various lengths and price points that will focus on cooking skills, education and nutrition. 

Wellbeing Suite

The Wellbeing Suite is guaranteed to quickly become your new favorite spot in Bakke. It has a beautiful center gathering lobby with large couches (built into the wall) and low lighting which gives you the feeling of being calm and centered. It is the hub for wellness programs like yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and peer wellness coaching. It’s home to three distinct spaces.

On the left is Rejuvenation, which has three nap pods for you to relax, catch a quick snooze in, or just decompress for a while. The pods recline back and also offer calming music and sounds and the chaise even vibrates for further relaxation.

The center studio is Serenity. This room will offer various mind-body classes such as meditation, yoga and yoga for stress relief. The studio features no mirrors and has extra sound deadening in the walls to allow you to focus on your own growth in a peaceful environment.

The last area on the right is Thrive. Through the doors, you’ll enter its lobby space which is accented by a wall of living greenery. Here you can enter one of three massage therapy rooms. Each room features a ceiling looks like a twinkling twilight sky. Down the hallway from the massage therapy rooms, you’ll find several individual consultation rooms for one-on-one peer wellness coaching. Wellness coaching allows you to go after your wellness goals and talk about wellbeing in a structured, safe, and welcoming environment. It can offer accountability for healthy habits and a place to talk to a trained peer about what’s going on in your life.

Cadence Cycling Studio

Are you a lover of boutique cycling classes? Then you’ll DEFINITELY love Cadence. Featuring a tiered floor with bikes on each level, LED lights along the ceiling that change color, and a wall of TVs at the front of the room, you’ll be able to get that full experience right here on campus.  So spin your way to our group fitness program with a variety of classes to choose from weekly.

Athletic Training

Did you know that Athletic Training isn’t just for athletes, it’s for everyone. Let’s face it, injuries happen whether it’s walking to your dorm room or in an intramural sports game. With this location at Bakke, it makes getting support for whatever your need easier than ever before. Our Athletic Trainers are available at no cost to help you out and are seeing patients at the Nicholas Recreation Center, 333 East Campus Mall, and now here at Bakke. You can make an appointment today through MyUHS.

Also, did we mention we have a Boost Microgravity Treadmill available for use at no cost? This is at Bakke as well, on level 2. It’s a great way to reduce stress on your body that may otherwise result in injury or pain. All you have to do is make a reservation for it and check-out the boost shorts from the Member Services desk.

Shake Smart 

Does working out make you absolutely ravenous? Shake Smart is there to help you refuel your body with nutritious and delicious options. It offers an array of shakes, sandwiches, bowls, coffee, and wraps. Located prior to the turnstiles at Bakke, anyone can come enjoy a refreshing pick me up. (Check out their menu here, warning you may get hungry). Be sure to visit them on September 13 for Free Shake Day where you can sample everything!

Obviously, there is a bunch more that you can do at Bakke, but we just wanted to highlight a couple of our newest additions. So, whether this is your first time visiting or you’re returning, we can’t wait to see you!