Introducing pop-up workouts that change daily. Try Treo’s Workout of the Day


A Workout of the Day sticker from Treo Fitness is highlighted on a cardio machine at Bakke.

You might have noticed QR codes on cardio equipment at the Nick & Bakke. We’ve partnered with Treo Wellness to bring to you free new workouts each day led by motivating trainers. Hop on your favorite cardio equipment, scan the code and get moving.

What You Get:

  • 20+ highly-skilled trainers
  • Workouts for any cardio equipment
  • Daily challenges like endurance, hills, or HIIT

A photo showing a close-up of a phone who has scanned the QR code "Workout of the Day" sticker on a cardio machine. The image shows a person's hand selecting the workout.

How To:

  1. Hop on your favorite cardio machine
  2. Scan the code on the sticker
  3. Choose your workout and get moving!

Enjoy a different workout each day, no matter what equipment you’re using. Try it free today! No signup or subscription required. Questions? Ask us at the Member Services Desk or email